11th Birthday Celebration – Day 6!!!

11th Birthday Celebration – Day 6!!!

Good morning SCT friends! Thank you for joining us on Day 6 of our 11 day birthday celebration! It's been so much fun having you join us each day to share in all the fun! Today Editor Megan Hoeppner is here with some fun birthday projects she created for her sweet daughters. We also have our friends from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L and Fancy Pants Designs here to add some prizes to our daily loot bag! Wasn't that always the fun part of a birthday party when you handed out the loot bags? It sure it for us! So, on that note, let's get to today's celebration…


Hello, Megan Hoeppner here! Birthdays and breakfast in bed go together like cake and candles, so I decided to create a special placemat/tray liner for my girls using the sweet Joy Parade collection by Kim Watson for Fancy Pants Designs. 


First, I trimmed a 12×12 piece of cardstock as shown below. Each piece is needed for this ensemble.


Let's start with the 8.5 x 11 piece, which will act as the place mat. 

The key to this kind of project being fun is personalization. It's what makes crafting your own such fun. You can't go and buy personalized placemats (well, sometimes you can, but it's not like they're in every store). But you can add names to handmade ones. So I drew names and words on paper and cut them out.


I cut pieces from the 6 x 6 paper pad into 2 x 6 strips. I then cut one strip of each pattern into smaller 1/2 x 2 strips.


I used the bitty strips to frame one side of the 8.5 x 11 piece. I then dressed up the center area using watercolor paint. I then added my hand-drawn letters to spell Maggie, which is my older daughter's name. This is her side of the two-sided placemat.


On the back side of the paper, I placed the larger 2 x 6 strips (and other misc. sizes) in a quilted fashion. Remember our 1/2 x 12 strip of white cardstock? Time for it. I painted "dear lulu" on it to personalize this side of my two-sided birthday mat with my younger daughter?s name.


With both sides of the placemat decorated, I stitched around the edge to give it a more finished feel. Now, time to laminate! I want this to be a special birthday placemat we can use year after year. Laminating will help it hold up longer and give it a more placemat feel.


On to the last of our three pieces of cardstock. Fold the 3.5 x 11 piece in half and you have the base of a birthday card. I stitched two pieces from the cute 6 x 6 pad to the front for a super quick birthday card that coordinates with my placemat.


Just like that, you have a fun way to wake someone on their birthday with a little breakfast (or cookies!) in bed.


At dinnertime, place the mat at the birthday girl's spot at the table for an extra fun meal.

Happy 11, SCT! 11 has always been my favorite number. For one, it was my sweet grandma's birthday 9/11/1911. Also, it was hunky Dean Cain's football number when he played for the Buffalo Bills. Seems a super birthday number to me! No doubt it will be an awesome year. 😉 Happy birthday!




 Day 6 Celebration Giveaways!

3L-SCT 11th Bday


"Hello from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L! We're happy to wish Scrapbook & Cards Today a very happy birthday! We're thrilled to sponsor their celebrations with some fabulous adhesives so we can all stick around for many more years to come! Find lots of inspiration and ideas on our blog, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram too!"


Happy 11th birthday to our friends at Scrapbook & Cards Today! Fancy Pants Designs is pleased to offer our new Insta album and a selection of products from our Joy Parade collection which Megan also used in her projects above! Good luck!

What a great Day 6! Thank you to Megan, Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L and Fancy Pants Designs! For an opportunity to win these prizes, be sure to leave a comment below by March 31st! All winners will be randomly selected and announced on April 3rd. 

As our sponsors have been so generous, we hope you'll take a moment to visit them on their Facebook pages today and give them a big "SCT thank you!" Just click the links below and let them know how much you appreciate their prize.

Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L

Fancy Pants

Thank you for stopping by today! If you've just joined us for the first time, be sure to start at the beginning of this celebration HERE!



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  3. Marcia scantlin March 23, 2017 at 10:33 am

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  4. Jennifer Reynard March 23, 2017 at 10:44 am

    What a fun idea to make a placemat for the person celebrating their birthday. Wouldn’t that be a great idea for someone in a nursing home to brighten their day!! I go through lots of Scrapbook adhesive product, so would always welcome more! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  5. Jeanne B March 23, 2017 at 10:45 am

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