Personalized Christmas Tags

December 7 – Davinie Fiero


“I wanted to share a tutorial on a quick and easy way to add a homemade touch to your holiday wrapping with handmade tags created in bulk.

These are the supplies you need:  Cardstock, stamps, ink, a pencil, and a tag punch.

The first thing I did was take my pencil, and using the eraser and my ink pad, made random dots all over my paper.  These tags would be a great way to include young children in your holiday crafting.

After finished with the dots, I first used a blue snowflake stamp, and with a lighter shade of blue ink, did the same thing and stamped randomly all over my 12×12 piece of cardstock.  After doing that I repeated the process with a smaller snowflake stamp, and this time used light green ink.

When I finished that step, I took my pencil and used the eraser with my green ink pad to fill in any holes I saw on the page.  We’ve basically created our own patterned cardstock here.

Once finished, I punched out tags with my tag punch, and then added the sentiment with stamps.  After that, punch a hole, add some twine, and feel good about having purchased wrapping paper at 50-75% off after Christmas last year (at least, that’s what I did!), and utilizing your own stash to create custom tags to tie with a bow.