Junior Year by Summer Fullerton

Hello, everyone!  Welcome to May and a very special installment of my “Old New Borrowed Cool” series. I know I say that every month is special, but I hope that when I explain further in just a bit that you’ll agree this time the term is very well-used.

As always before I get started I want to recap once more about the premise for this blog series. Each month I’ll bring you a new post that incorporates something OLD from my stash, something NEW that I might have just picked up and something BORROWED from wherever I can get it to create something COOL to share with you! It’s as simple as that!!

But as I already mentioned, this month’s installment is very different. The old, new and borrowed are well outside the realm of what we’ve done for the first few months of this series. But because in the US this is the month to celebrate mothers and our relationships with our children, I couldn’t have come up with another project that would be more perfect to share with you than this one!

You see, this past month I had the huge pleasure of working with my middle son on a school project. Before I go further let me preface it with a confession: when I had all boys I pretty much gave up on the idea that I would have a child that might want to memory keep or scrapbook with me. I hate to admit just a gender-biased idea, but I really figured that they just wouldn’t be interested. That was a big mistake. HUGE. Imagine my surprise when my son brought home a long list of things he could do for his 3rd grade project and out of all of them, he picked a scrapbook so that he could do it with his mama. (I may or may not have choked up right then.) I realized at that moment how special his request was and I wasn’t about to let him down.

Turner and I organized his project. We looked up information on bluebirds (his topic because we had monitored them as a family) and we planned. We picked the album together, the papers together and we worked…together. And I admit I probably went a bit overboard for a project for 3rd grade, but you know what? I didn’t care. We were doing it together and I was too excited to reign myself in. And when it was all done the pride and accomplishment for the both of us was so special. He practically danced to school with his little book to present his class all about bluebirds. And I couldn’t wait for him to get home to tell me all about it. We made so much more than a book that week. Turner and I made memories. And really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

So with all this in mind, this month’s selections were:

OLD: Some of my favorite papers from BoBunny and my last 6×6 BasicGrey album.

NEW: BasicGrey What’s Up alphas and element stickers.

BORROWED: The very cool idea from T’s teacher to create a scrapbook as a school project (along with a few pictures from the internet featuring bluebirds!)

COOL: This adorable Bluebird mini album and wonderful memories with my son!

Old New Borrowed Cool Supplies
Old New Borrowed Cool
Old New Borrowed Cool
Old New Borrowed Cool

My challenge to you this month is to make something crafty with a child. Create something – anything – just to be doing it together. I promise you, you won’t regret it and you’ll both have the best time doing it.  Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.

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