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Welcome to NOVEMBER and this month’s edition of OLD NEW BORROWED COOL! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween and are looking forward to the full swing of the holiday season right around the corner! For me, the holidays are all about being with family and friends. I truly enjoy spending time with those I love and I especially like finding little ways to make our time together extra special.

I come from a tradition of wonderful southern cooks and any family event is cause for a feast that could feed the entire town. Unfortunately, the cooking gene has passed my generation (or at least that’s the excuse I offer!) so I prefer to give my contribution in the form of holiday decor! And one of my favorite things to do is to not just set but “create” ¬our holiday table. I look for unique and different items for my centerpieces and such, so when I found a pattern for these beautiful favor boxes, I knew I had something perfect to show my family just how much I love them.  These sweet boxes can be used for both little favors or as I used them here – to write notes to each person at your table letting them know just why they are special to you. They are super-easy to create and will add a bit of extra pizazz to your holiday table.

But before I share the results of my creative process this month I want to recap once more the premise for this blog series. Each month I’ll bring you a new post that incorporates something OLD from my stash, something NEWthat I might have just picked up and something BORROWED from wherever I can get it to create something COOL to share with you! It’s just that easy.

This month’s selections were:

OLD: Bits of different Studio Calico lines in an array of fall colors plus an assortment of punches

NEW: The gorgeous Pink Paislee Portfolio collection

BORROWED: A super-simple pattern found online to make paper boxes

COOL: These beautiful favor boxes for your holiday table that contain little treats and notes for those you love.

Old New Borrowed Cool Supplies
Old New Borrowed Cool

The boxes start out as 6×6″ squares of double sided cardstock that are scored 2″ in from all the edges.

Old New Borrowed CoolOld New Borrowed Cool

Fold along all the score lines.

Then score on the diagonal in the four corner squares.

Fold the corners in on themselves to form the box.

Open the box back up and add adhesive in the corners. Fold box back up and press the folds to secure.

Create the box top in the same manner as the box bottom starting with a 4″ square of double sided cardstock. Score in just under an 1″ all the way around and then again on the diagonals. Fold in the same manner as the box bottom until the top is formed.

Trim a 12x 1/2″ strip of scalloped paper and add it as embellishment around the bottom of the box top. Trim off any excess. Trim a 1”x9” strip to add for your title or name. Notch the ends into a banner shape and adhere to the top of the box as shown.

Punch a label shape if desired and adhere to top of box with washi tape.  Add a flower embellishment (this one was made from punched scalloped circles) and twine to center of label.

Finish project by either enclosing candy in your box or sweet notes that show your loved one how much you love them.

Old New Borrowed Cool

I hope you enjoyed this addition of “Old New Borrowed Cool”!  And now for my challenge to you – whether you create these little boxes or not, do something in some way to let those you love know how much you care. Send a card, pick up the phone, give a hug – anything – to spread the love this holiday season.  Here’s to November!

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