Junior Year by Summer Fullerton

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Thank you for stopping by today and letting me share June’s edition of OLD NEW BORROWED COOL with you! I am so excited to say it’s June and the official start of our summer! My boys are out of school now and MOST days that’s a good thing! We’re totally in our summer schedule of no alarm clock, late dinners, outdoor fun and even later bedtimes. (See what I mean about good MOST of the time?!)

But I love June for more reasons than just the warm weather as it’s also the month that my middle son was born. His birthday is always right around Father’s Day so I jokingly tell my husband that since he already got the best present I could give, there’s no need for more!  Of course, I don’t really mean that as my husband is really one of the most hands-on, involved dads I know. He does so much with our boys and loves that he gets to and as such totally deserves to be celebrated.

So for this month’s ONBC, I thought I’d do just that and make him an extra special Father’s Day card. But this card will have a surprise element and also be a gift card holder perfect for tucking in a little extra something on his special day!

This month’s final selections were:

OLD: These ancient but sturdy circle punches. I think they were the first punches I ever bought. They don’t look pretty anymore, but they sure do the job and I love them for that! And then of course my Fiskars star punches. While not as old, they are still a staple of my scrappy arsenal, especially being the mom of boys!

NEW: The gorgeous BasicGrey HIPSTER line! You can’t get more masculine than this line and it’s so groovy with its retro hip vibe! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! (See above reference to ‘mom of boys.’)

BORROWED: I snagged this fun gift card holder-making technique from my talented friend Kimber McGray’s book 175 Fresh Card Ideas. I have had the pleasure of working with Kimber on a couple of her books and I always credit her with the fact that I make cards at all! The book is uber-inspiring and full of fun tips and tricks just like this one I’m going to share with you today!


COOL: This super-fun, retro rad gift card holder just waiting to give to Dad for Father’s Day!

Old New Borrowed Cool Supplies
Old New Borrowed Cool
Old New Borrowed Cool


So before I show you the final project, let’s get started on how to make the 4.25”x5.5” gift card holder. (I like standard sizes so this will fit into your A2 envies with ease!)

First, you will need:

  • Cardstock
  • Scoring board
  • 1.5” circle punch
  • Craft knife
  • Adhesive Tape

Trim piece of cardstock to 12”x5.5”. Score at 4.25”, 6” and 7.75” mark.

Fold cardstock as shown along the scored lines.

Holding the center fold together, punch a half circle from the center of the fold using the 1.5” circle punch.

Open the card back up and cut as shown along the center fold to create enough room to slide in a gift card.

Apply strong tape adhesive along the three sides of the center fold as shown (making sure to leave the area containing the circle free). Seal the fold up so it can securely hold the gift card. All that’s left is inserting the gift card!

Old New Borrowed CoolOld New Borrowed Cool
Old New Borrowed Cool

Now that we’ve done that, here’s the finished project!

Seriously – doesn’t this card just make you laugh?! I can’t stop smiling when I look at it – that little retro face is just too cute! And I know my husband will be thrilled to be called a “Super Star Rad Dad” almost as much as he will be to get the gift card!

So now as always, it’s challenge time. Get in there and create something for that wonderful father in YOUR life whether it’s a card or something else. Get the kids involved! Have fun with it! Make something fun that makes YOU laugh! I can’t wait to see it!

Happy Father’s Dad to all those amazing men out there who truly know what it means to be a Father but even more importantly a Dad! We love you!

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