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Thank you for stopping by today and letting me share this month’s edition of OLD NEW BORROWED COOL! I am positively giddy that today is the first day of MARCH! I have to admit to a bit of seasonal blues so at this time of year my attitude does a complete 360 because the beginning of March means the coming of SPRING!

And with the beginning of Spring and the desire to remove the remaining “funk” of winter has come a massive de-cluttering/purging at my house. Things are being eliminated mercilessly here there and everywhere. You should SEE the bags of boys’ toys, clothes and whatnot that has made its way out of my home. There are so many benefits to this purge I can hardly list them all but let’s start by saying, Mama’s sanity has improved, the house looks better, we can find things….and perhaps my favorite – rediscovering old treasures! Yes! My favorite find has been old photograph cds from when the boys were small. I have spent quite a bit of time the past couple of weeks completely getting lost in these old photographs. They made me laugh, cry, smile. But above all, it reminded me yet again why I love doing what I do and re-committed me to making sure that I get all the memories I can down on paper. I had missed so many and this month’s ONBC layout was just the start to capturing them.

This month’s final selections were:

OLD: The Jenni Bowlin Studio Bingo card (Oh, how old that is!) as well as these precious photos of my boys taken almost five years ago! FIVE! I know. I can’t believe it either. They were some of those that I was “saving for just the right layout” and then they never got put on paper. So glad to fix that now!

NEW: Yummy BasicGrey – Hey Boy!, Fact, and Fiction! I am totally loving the colors and patterns in these BasicGrey lines and I’ve been itching to use them since I got them! The added punch of orange to the green was just what I needed/wanted to make this layout sing.

BORROWED: I have to admit, after over a year of “borrowing” things, I’m starting to get more desperate…er – CREATIVE…in my choices. Ha! This time it was the sweet little Irish Blessing I found on the internet that started my journaling and set the tone for the page.

COOL: A full-color, super fun layout five years in the making that celebrates my little leprechauns!

Old New Borrowed Cool Supplies
Old New Borrowed Cool

Okay, so you know what time it is now – CHALLENGE TIME! Jump up right now and grab your stack of “I’vebeensavinguntiltherighttime” photos from your stash regardless of how old they are and start putting them on paper! If that doesn’t motivate you, how about scrapping something seasonally inspired? Let spring or St. Patty’s Day be your guide like it was for me here. And as always, link me up so I can see the masterpieces that you create! Happy Scrapping!!

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