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Hi there!!!    Thank you for stopping by today and letting me share this month’s edition of OLD NEW BORROWED COOL with you! It’s MAY! MAY! MAY! MAY! MAY! MAY! I can hardly believe I’m typing that as the year seems to be just flying by, doesn’t it? I absolutely love May and the beautiful flowers and warmer weather it brings, but what I love most about May?  MOTHER’S DAY! Yes, indeed. I’m not too big to admit that I love having a holiday to honor all that I do as a mom! And if it happens to include being spoiled by my kiddos with handmade cards and breakfast in bed, that’s all the better!

As I was thinking about this and how much I adore my guys it started me thinking about my relationship with my own mother. If I’m completely honest I have to admit that my mom and I have never had the typical mother/daughter relationship – or maybe we have. But we’re so alike in so many ways that it always strained us and made things difficult. I know I don’t tell her enough that I love her and that there are so many wonderful things about her that I remember and want to document. And it occurred to me – I have never ever scrapbooked a page about me and my mom. I was shocked! And then I came across this photo in one of my living room drawers.

How I love this photo. I love how stylish my mom looks here standing in front of the first house I remember and how even at 4 1/2 I was fully accessorized with a handbag that “goes” not “matches.” (Anyone catch that “What not to Wear” reference there?!) I love her sunglasses and our smiles.

One of my favorite memories from that period was how my mom and I would always sing. We’d sing anywhere but most especially when I was in the bath tub (acoustics are so much better in a bathroom, you know!). Our songs ranged from the ABC’s to Mary Had a Little Lamb. But my absolute favorite song was “You are My Sunshine.” I knew every word even if “grey” was “grape” in my 4-year-old head.

This photo gave me the perfect chance to get that down on paper and Mother’s Day became the perfect time for me to do my first page ever about my mother & me.

Old New Borrowed Cool Supplies
Old New Borrowed Cool

This month’s final selections were:

OLD: This amazing photo of my mother & me circa 1975. I adore it and besides, you don’t get much *older* than that! 😉

NEW: The absolutely gorgeous Dear Lizzy LUCKY CHARM line. I can’t even tell you how in love with this line I am. I am swooning over the mint green + navy combination. Add in a little yellow & vibrant red-orange and I’m in heaven. I. LOVE. IT. (Did I already say that?!)

BORROWED: This time I decided to borrow a “style.” Have you ever wanted to scrapbook like someone else – even if only for a day – and to try on their “style?” We I did just that. I borrowed my friend Nicole Nowasad’s style for this project. I have had a chance to get to know Nicole at our Crop & Create events and I absolutely love her pages and whimsical style. One of my favorite things she does is layer the mats under her photos…so that is just what I did here.

COOL: Creating a layout for the first time about my mom & me…and documenting one of my favorite memories from childhood.

Old New Borrowed Cool

So now it’s challenge time. I challenge you in several ways. First – scrap something for your mother if you’re able. Scrap a card for her, scrap a page about her like I did, just scrap something. And then push yourself just a bit further…scrapbook a page about someone important to you that you’ve never scrapbooked before whether it’s a grandparent, friend, nephew, neighbor, whatever! Just make something pretty! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing moms, mom-to-be’s and moms in your hearts out there!


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