Hi there SCT followers, its Nancy with a fun pocket tutorial using the Fuse tool from We R Memory Keepers. This nifty little tool lets you create custom pockets and sleeves in divided page protectors. It welds seams that are strong and easy to create.

I practiced sealing some odd-sized memorabilia in my Project Life album. I was impressed by how easy and well the Fuse worked. I quickly realized that I could create so much more with some old page protectors and this little tool.


To create the letter pockets:

1. Start by using your electronic cutting die cut machine to cut out 4” letters for your title. You can certainly make them smaller, I went “big” for impact. You can also easily cut these letter out by hand by printing them out. 


2. Cut a square out of an old page protector making sure you have a top and bottom layer together. Place the letter (in this case the Y) under both layers of page protector. This is the template you will trace to make the letter. 


3. Use the Fuse tool to seal about half way up the letter. Before sealing the top fill the letter with sequins. Place it back on the “Y” template and seal it up. The trick here is to move the tool firmly and quickly. If you hold the tool down to long it will burn a hole through the seam and you will have a leaky pocket! Practice a few times and you will get the hang of it.


4. Use scissors to trim the letter out.  The Fuse also comes with a cutting tip that you could use, but I found that just trimming with scissors was easier to control with shapes.


5. TIP: For letters with an inside hole – like the “O”, start by sealing up the center first. Then fill the pocket. Place the template back underneath and finish sealing the outside last.  Sounds tricky, but it’s really not. 


I think I’ll be getting a lot of use out of my Fuse not just in my Project Life albums, but creating custom embellishments of all kinds!


Thanks for joining me today!

~  Nancy Damiano

Scrapbook & Cards Today design team member