Hello there, SCT readers! It’s Meghann Andrew here, and I am so excited to have a new “5 Minutes with Meghann” video to share with you! Today we’re going to get a bit sticky, while I let you in on some of my favorite tips and tricks using adhesive! We all have our favorites types and brands for creating our projects, and I hope these little pointers will make your memory-keeping a bit more simple and fun no matter what your preference!

Grab that extra cup of coffee and take a look.

With three of the tips that I shared in my five minute video, I created a fun card, perfect for sending out to brighten someone’s day! These simple adhesive tricks made it easy to put together, and I hope they will help you create something special, too!

Thanks so much for joining me today on the SCT blog! Let me know what tips you’d like to see me share in my next “5 Minutes with Meghann” video by leaving a comment below! Happy creating!

~ Meghann Andrew