Welcome, everyone! It’s Mindy here with you today and I’m going to share with you my crafty corner which is actually in my kitchen. When we originally moved into our house in 2010, I took over the master bedroom as my craft space. My son was born later that year and was diagnosed with Autism in 2012. He needs (and still does need) constant supervision, which made it very difficult for me to craft. After much experimenting throughout the house, I landed in the corner of my kitchen. This is the central spot for me in my house where it allows me to craft and still be available for the family.

Here’s a look at my space. One of the important things that landing in a small area has taught me is downsizing. Remember, I was in a master bedroom and of course, I’m always adding to my collection. I keep all of my essential items in my space; including my go-to supplies, coloring mediums, and products for design team work. Every month, I go through my stash and take out items that I don’t use as often or products that have retired.


On one side of my space is a window that looks out to our backyard, important so I can keep an eye on the kids. I keep the smaller items like tools and a paper cutter there so as not to block my view. Plus, I love the sunlight! On a pegboard to the left, I keep gels, liquid watercolors, and reinkers. 


To the right, I have a shelving unit stocked with ink pads. I separate my ink pads by the company, which is helpful for me when doing design team work. I also keep all of my embossing and black inks in this unit as those are the ones I reach for the most.


Here’s a look at my ever-growing shelf of ink pads! You can never have enough, right? This shelf lines my back wall on top of a Brimnes drawer unit. Inside the drawers, I keep my stencils, watercolor pan sets, colored pencils, and just a ton of other miscellaneous supplies.


The tabletop that I work on is held up by two Alex drawer units. I take advantage of these drawers as much as possible. I keep my adhesive, embossing powders, blending tools, and more ink pads in these drawers.


Everything in my space has a home. Since I have just one table to actually work on, I clean my area constantly. When everything has its own special place, it makes clean-up a breeze!


My large Kallax unit holds all of my cardstock, dies, and stamp sets. Another thing that has helped me immensely is a rolling cart. I keep my Copic markers and upcoming releases in there. I also have some hanging cups on the side for watercolor markers. I will be getting a bigger cart soon, but this works for now.

Even though there are times when I wish I could run away to a craft room (that has a door!), I enjoy where I’m at. Yes, I’m cramped in space. Yes, it’s chaotic. Yes, I get irritated, but this corner also keeps me connected to my family where I’m still involved with them and they can pull up a chair and chat with me. 


My area is not glamorous, and I admit, I hid a big pile of stuff that is usually stacked on that back table just to take a decent picture. I hope you enjoyed this little trip into my crafty space and it inspires you in some way! Thank you so much for joining me today. I would love to know, where do you craft? Do you have a private room? Or did you take over a corner of your house like me? Take care and be creative! 

~ Mindy

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