A spring kit sneak peek and a Chickaniddy Crafts giveaway!

A spring kit sneak peek and a Chickaniddy Crafts giveaway!

Happy Friday friends! Settle in as we have a few things to share today!  As we look out on a bit warmer weather here in Ontario today, it's clear we are one week closer to spring!  Here at SCT we have spring on the brain as we are putting the finishing touches on the new spring issue (in stores and online on March 21st!) and the new Crop & Create: Delivered "Hello There" spring kit!  Here is a couple sneak peeks of this beautiful kit that designer Lynn Ghahary has created…



The Crop & Create: Delivered spring kit will be on sale on Saturday, March 1st at 9:00 p.m. EST.  They sell out lightening fast so mark your calendars!

Now on to something else exciting!

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Have you heard of Chickaniddy Crafts?  We had the pleasure of seeing this beautiful new company display for the first time this past January at CHA.  Owned by designer Heidi Sonboul, Chickaniddy Crafts showcased two fabulous paper and embellishment collections, Date Night and Twirly Girl.  A mix of smart design and fun themes made this new company an instant hit at the show!  We thought you might like to know a little bit more about our friend Heidi Sonboul and Chickaniddy Crafts so we asked her a few questions and of course a "fast five" at the end.


Heidi, you’ve been in the papercraft industry a long time.  Where did your career start?

I have always been a crafter and in high school I always had an A+ in any art class I took, but I really started scrapbooking 10 years ago. I remember the first month that I started because I scrapped almost 40 layouts. I was non-stop thinking about the hobby and it overtook our dining room table. Mr. Sonboul thought I was a little crazed at first, but now 10 years later he is my business partner and helping at CHA.

You’ve now launched your own company Chickaniddy Crafts.  It’s such an interesting name.  Tell us about it!

It took me almost 2 years to pick a name and one day I had a "light bulb turn on" moment. Chickaniddy "bum" was my baby nickname. Knowing that no one wanted to know about my "bum", I dropped it out and added in "Crafts". I knew I didn't want to name the company Heidi Sonboul, because there are a LOT of Heidis in this industry. Chickaniddy is a part of me and I've always loved saying it, so it was the perfect fit and it's fun to say. 

What inspires you when you’re creating?

Everything! If I had to pick just one… it would be COLOR! I LOVE trying to find new fresh colors to work with. For Date Night I used Orange, Mint, Navy, Sea Foam Green and Yellow. For Twirly Girly I used Orange, Pink, Yellow, Gray and a touch of Green. I love looking at home decor magazines and I often follow the trends they set when it comes to color. 

Describe your workspace.

LOL My bedroom! Right now we are trying to keep our overhead small, so I do all of the collection designing at a desk in mine and Mr. Sonboul's bedroom. We also have a small back house that holds all of the products, but we are VERY quickly growing out of it. This might result in a move ;) 

What is a day in the “life of Heidi” look like during the week and on the weekends?

I wake up at 6am and get in all my chores done (because I won't have time later). I drop the boys off at school (sometimes helping in their classrooms) and finally come home, getting right to work and if I'm lucky I'll squeeze in a shower before I start. My work day is always changing, but right now it's getting the new Craft Team in place, working on my next 2 collections, and planning for CHA summer. When it's time to pick the boys up, I wrap up the work and become a mom for the next few hours. Homework, dinner, baths, scriptures and prayers at bedtime… and then Mr. Sonboul and I are right back to work for the next 2-3 hours. It's normally at that time I famously say "Why did we start a company?" lol. Then we try to be in bed at 10:30pm, but realistically end up going to bed at 11:30pm and start it all over again the next day. 

It's funny because when I first had Bradley (my oldest son), Mr. Sonboul told me I could be a stay at home mom. It sounded so HEAVENLY and after about 6 months of it, I GOT SO BORED! The house was clean, Bradley would be napping and I was going crazy. I knew I needed to get a hobby and that's when I found scrapbooking. 

Fast five:

Dog or cat?   

I love them both, so I don't think I could pick just one.

Beach or mountain? 

I live at the beach and I see it every day, so I'll pick mountains. I would love to see the snow right now.

Stripes or florals? 

ooh… again both. I LOVE stripes and florals together. It's a must for me.

Movies or TV? 

lol Am I cheating if I say both again? TV is my nightly "downtime" and movies are our weekend love.

Instagram or Facebook?

Instagram. I love pictures 🙂

We also asked Heidi to share a layout created with her new lines…

Heidi Sonboul Our Cute Little Weirdo (Medium)

Here is a look at the brand new Chickaniddy Crafts collections, Twirly Girl and Date Night.

Chickaniddy-crafts-date-night-collection-12-by-12 (Large)


Chickaniddy-crafts-twirly-girly-collection (Large)


Don't these collections look fabulous?  Would you like to win one?  We are very excited that Heidi has offered to give both of these collections away!  As we like to keep it easy, just leave a comment below by Thursday, February 27th and we will randomly select two lucky winners to each receive one of these collections.  We would also love you to go and say "hello" to Heidi and the team at Chickaniddy Crafts on their Facebook page and let them know SCT sent you!  Let's go give them a whole lot of SCT love and why not "like" them while you're there.  We will be seeing more great things from this company and you'll want to see it first!    

We hope you have a wonderful weekend friends.  Go and spread a little creative joy.  Why not make a quick card and surprise someone!  

~ Catherine 




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