Thank you for joining us today!  Last week our Editor-in-Chief, Megan, had a sweet baby girl, who they named Lauri Grace! Lauri came about 10 days early so while we thought today's little surprise would be well timed, nature had some other plans.  The great news is Megan and baby are happy, healthy and home. Today some of the SCT team have come together with cards and well wishes to celebrate this very happy occasion.  You are welcome to leave a comment for the Hoeppner family below too!


"Congrats + hugs to the Hoeppners. And welcome to the world Lauri Grace. It's going to be a wonderfully, good ride!" ~  Nancy Damiano


 Congratulation Megan! All the best! ~ Virginia Nebel

Card for megan _ sheri reguly

Card by Sheri Reguly

Hello baby card_Nicole

I am so excited for Megan and her family and want to wish them all the best with their beautiful new daughter!  ~ Nicole Nowosad


Much love and many happy wishes are being sent your way Megan. Your little Lauri Grace is a blessing and I hope you have a sweet transition to a family of four. Love, Emily


Congratulations Megan! ~ Marla Kress



"Congrats Megan, Cory, and Maggie on your new addition to your adorable little family! Wishing you all the best as you settle into a new routine with your precious baby girl." Laura Vegas

CatherineA sweet miracle forever embedded in your heart.

Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! ~ Catherine

Please feel free to leave Megan and her family a note in the comments section below!  We are certain she will love reading them, especially during all those late night feedings! From all of us, to you and your family Megan, congratulations!

Love the SCT family!