Hello, friends! We are so excited to welcome Layle Koncar back to the blog today! Layle is a creative and talented list-maker and loves to document in her traveler’s notebook! In fact, if you are signed up for our fall 2021 Crop & Create Delivered event, Layle is going to tell you all about the wonderful things that you can do with this awesome format! Today, she’s here to share how she breaks down the memorable parts of her month and year and records them easily in her notebooks. Let’s take a look at this super approachable way to document the everyday!


Howdy friends!  It’s Layle Koncar (think Gayle, with an ‘L’) and I’m back this month to share an update on a topic I briefly touched on here on the blog last fall. 

Over the last 6 years, I’ve been combining my love for memory keeping and creative list-making and mashed them together with my love for traveler’s notebooks. Last summer I landed on a format for my day-to-day memory keeping that I love; a format that’s manageable for me—short and sweet and guilt-free because I can keep up with it.

I like to call it, “About last month…” 

I work on it the first Saturday of each new month during my “List With Me Live” sessions on YouTube.

I use the same format and design each month. I make a list of things in my traveler’s notebook that happened throughout the month: personal, business, family, friends, local, international, you name it.  I pair that with five photos, add a few stickers & some washi & call it good! 

It takes me an hour, tops.

When I sit down to put the list together for each month, I look through the photos on my camera roll, which are date stamped so it makes it easy to narrow down my calendar. Then, I do a quick Google search for news.

I was so excited to continue this new way of documenting the every day for me, that when January rolled around this year, I created a spread called “About Last Year”.  

It’s the same idea, but I pulled a few key happenings from each monthly list from 2020, along with a few more photos, and there you have it!  I didn’t have to worry about wracking my brain trying to remember all the things, because I already had them documented each month.

It’s been so much fun to create a new list of day-to-day happenings each month!  In many cases, I’m capturing things I wouldn’t document in a layout or mini book, like buying flowers, what we had for dinner, card games I played with my husband, and more. They are things that happen in everyday life that have helped to turn this project into a time capsule of sorts.  

This newer way of documenting for me doesn’t mean I won’t continue to also do my memory keeping with scrapbook layouts, mini-books & traveler’s notebooks; this is the way I plan to continue to document the every day again this year: Quick. Easy. Guilt-free. Manageable!

Interested in learning more about, and doing a little creative listing? Join me each Saturday on my YouTube channel at 9 am Pacific Time for a LIVE listing and memory-keeping session! I’ve had a blast each Saturday, sharing list topics, working on my lists LIVE, discussing tips, tricks, and techniques about how I’m approaching things, and telling stories as I go. I hope to ‘see’ you there on a Saturday in the future!

Thanks for letting me share a peek into how I’m documenting life lately in my traveler’s notebook! Take care!

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