Get out from behind the camera and onto your pages!

As an integral part of your family’s history, your stories, memories and photos of yourself should be in your scrapbook albums. We’re here to cheer you on with ideas to inspire “All About Me” layouts.

Inherited Qualities

We’ve all heard the old saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and Nicole’s beautiful layout proves it is true.

In a tribute to her mother and all of the traits that they share, Nicole broke up her journaling into small sections, each one identifying a similarity. By using calico floral patterned papers and adding wonderful sewing details, her page has a very nostalgic feel. She used black and white photos of both her mother and herself, adding a timeless quality to this well-designed page.

“I have an amazing relationship with my mom, but I didn’t realize how much we had in common until I created this page. I’m proud to have taken on so many of her wonderful attributes and carry them forward in my life.   ~ Nicole”

I See Me by Nicole Nowosad

The Sum of All Parts

Have you ever stopped and thought about all of the responsibilities that are entrusted to you on any given day? All of the important things that makes you who you are, that divide your time, that fill your life? Stephanie created this thought-provoking layout about the five most important roles in her life that keep her busy and define who she is.

Underneath each sub-title tab, she shared her thoughts about that particular aspect of her life. Her bold, brave page invites the reader to participate in an interaction with each tab.

“I’d never really stopped and thought about the various hats I wear on any given day. From chasing after two very busy, young boys to treating and caring for patients, my days are full and very rewarding.  ~ Stephanie”