Michelle Engel is here to share a FUN spring project that she recently completed.

Here she is to share:

Since spring is well on its way, or at least so it seems, I’m in the mood for some spring flowers!! These flowers are so simple to make—just crinkle your cardstock in a ball, press it out, draw or trace your fav flower shapes on the back of cardstock, cut them out, and finally, sand them. I used foam squares between the layers to add dimension. This little pencil case was at the dollar store screaming to be altered, so I had no choice but to buy it, bring it home, and give it purpose. I painted the ends, adhered cardstock over the rest, and pulled out the sand paper once again. Such a simple little project, but a fun place in which to keep my best journaling pens on my desk!

A trio of cards by Kerry McRorie