We are so lucky to have Emily Pitts back to share a fun, summer-inspired project with us!

Here she is with her card tutorial:

Sticking with the water theme that I went with on Monday, here’s another fun thing that you can do with paper. I noticed that while I was working with the wet paper, it kind of felt like working with fabric. I decided to see if I could make a ruffle; kind of like a bed skirt. I’ve been pleating and folding paper a lot lately, but thought that wet paper could be molded to look just like a sewn ruffle. I was right. The first time I tried a lightweight paper from Jenni Bowlin Studios and it worked SO well. This time I tried it with a heavier weight cardstock from GCD Studios. I liked how both turned out.

1. I used my BasicGrey magnetic cutting mat and magnets, but since the paper for this technique is wet, you could arrange it and place a heavy object instead of the magnets. Step one would be to get a strip of paper really wet; I ran mine under a stream of water for about a minute to make sure both sides were very wet.

2. Line up your strip so it’s flush with the ruler; it’s much easier to make sure it’s straight this way.

3. I wanted to make my ruffle 6 inches long so I moved it to the 6-inch mark and attached it to the board with magnets.


4. Start molding and manipulating into place, as shown, using the magnets to hold down every inch or so. Wet paper, unlike fabric, begins to tear if you handle it too much. If this happens (like it did to me), you can still save it, just finish that area and move on. Don’t worry if it rips; just cover it with another ruffle. It will dry and you won’t notice.


5. Once it dries, you can remove the magnets. You’ll notice mine left little spots. I knew that would happen so I made the strip a bit longer so I could hide the spots behind the front of the card.

Use the ruffle any way you’d like. I like to add it to cards like this, but the sky’s the limit!