Hello friends! Today I am sharing a fun technique with you, that will help stretch your supplies but look at them in a renewed way as well.  The three cards shared, all have a watercoloured background, and only two colours of paint were used, red and green.

There are so many different ways to create a watercoloured background on a card, today we are focusing on dots, plaid, and a wet on wet technique.

This first card, the background was created using the wet on wet technique. First, a wet paintbrush with no paint, only water, was applied to the watercolour paper, in a rectangle shape. Then getting red pigment/paint on the brush and dabbing the brush in different locations over the previously applied wet background. You don’t want to cover the entire rectangle, because this needs to be repeated with the green paint.  Its okay if the colours bleed into each other, but be careful of the amount of water you use. Too much water and the colours will blend and turn brown. If this happens, using a paper towel, pick up the paint and start over in that area.

Once the paint was dry, the rest of the card was finished.

This next card was very easy to create.  A pattern of dots was painted onto the watercolour paper. The dots do not need to be symmetrical or perfect. Dipping a wet paintbrush into the paint, and creating dots until the ink runs out, then dipping back in again. The dots do not need to be the same in brightness or vividness with the colour. I like how the colour fades.  Once the paint was dry, the sentiment and holly leaves and berries were stamped to finish the card.

To create a plaid background with watercolour ink, I like to use a flathead brush, but any brush will work. If you feel that your hands are shaky or don’t feel comfortable drawing a straight line, using a ruler will help.  With a different thickness of paint, apply paint in lines across the paper in green ink. Let the green ink dry, then turning the paper 90 degrees, apply lines again using red ink. I decided to tie a pretty bow, stamp a sentiment and not fuss too much over this card.

Materials Used on today’s cards: Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L, ThermoWeb, Lawn Fawn dies, ink & cardstock;

Altenew Stamps; assorted ribbon; red and green watercolour ink; paintbrush; Nuvo drops; clear embossing powder

Thank you for joining us today! I hope you can stretch your stamping supplies further! If you do not have watercolour paints, you can use ink pads or ink pad refills, both would work perfectly fine.

~ Latisha Yoast

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