"Diamonds are a girls best friend!" and they are found in Canada! Who knew right? Canada is not only home to diamonds but also one of Canada's national treasures, Ammolite.


“A diamond in the rough” is a phrase often used to describe a person who is incredible, once you get to know them. But what about the literal meaning of this phrase? We think of diamonds as glorious stones that are found twinkling in shop windows and adorning our bodies – not as huge operations that employ thousands of people with a myriad of exceptional skills. People with jobs from engineering to polishing all work in mining across our beautiful country. To date, diamonds have been found in Ontario, Quebec, and the Northwest Territories, and are often sent to Yellowknife for cutting and polishing. A truly Canadian diamond will have a polar bear or maple leaf laser engraved on the girth. Try finding THAT with the naked eye!


Ammolites are considered to be one of the “National Treasures of Canada” because they are extremely rare. According to, “Ammolite originates from prehistoric marine fossils that date back 71-million years. Tectonic pressure, heat and mineralization formed the gemstone…” and come from ammonites; according to, ammonites are “Ammonites are the fossilized, hard shells of extinct mollusks”. What is most remarkable is the opalescence of this gem comes in all colours of the rainbow and in so many different sizes, form the size of your thumbnail to the size of a large person!

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Fun Fact:  Large parts of Canada have less gravity than the rest of Earth. The phenomenon was discovered in the 1960s.