We are almost coming to the end of our celebration of Canada's 150th birthday but it's not over yet! Canada with all it's beauty and kindness can also have a little mystery. Let's start with Drumheller and the Hoodoos!


Perhaps the most mysterious natural phenomena in all of Canada lies in Alberta, our second most western province. Drumheller, part of the Badlands, is a small community and home to our famous Dinosaur Museum, the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Situated about two hours northwest of Dinosaur National Park, the Badlands hold secrets to the prehistoric world. With the Earth having fallen away during earthquakes and other natural occurrences, layers upon layers of geological history are now exposed. Much to the delight of palaeontologists, these layers provide an indisputable timeline of prehistoric fossils: The dinosaurs are found only below the black layer of rock. The rock formations, the Hoodoos, range in height from roughly one to three meters.



Another mystery that's well not totally a mystery but looks quite mysterious, are the northern lights! Scientifically known as the Aurora Borealis, a natural light display, northern Canada is one of the best places to see nature's show! Reds, greens, purples, pinks and yellow streak the sky caused by charged particles from the sun interacting with the molecules and atoms in Earth's atmosphere during our winter months. It's beautiful and worth seeing!


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Fun Fact: People in Churchill, Manitoba leave their car doors unlocked in case their neighbours need to make a quick escape from polar bears.