There is no doubt about it—grandparents are pretty special people and deserve to be celebrated! It is so wonderful to watch a relationship develop between a child and a grandparent—a relationship that has unconditional love and respect as its very foundation. We asked our readers to share some of their favourite “grandparent” layouts with us and we were not disappointed!

Here are just a few of our favourites:

nana and emma  by Kathy Thompson

Kathy said: “I love this photo of my mom and my oldest daughter, who also happens to be my mom’s oldest grandchild. They share a special bond, and I wanted the layout to have a timeless feel to it, so I chose a sort of monochromatic look with a black and white photograph.

cuddles with nena  by Cherie Nymeyer

Cherie said: “I created this layout because it perfectly showcases how much my mom loves her grandkids. She adores spending time with them and they really giggle when she hugs and kisses them.”

my grandma  by Debbie Standard

Debbie said: “My Mother is 82 now and still going strong—in the picture I took of her and my daughter, Brandy, I could just see in their faces how proud they were of each other.”


grown from love by Michelle Engel

grown from love  by Michelle Engel

Michelle said: “Patterned paper made this simple tree design so much fun and the warm colours really added to the feelings I wanted to evoke with this layout.”

it's all about the nana by Lisa Kisch

it’s all about the nana  by Lisa Kisch

Lisa said: “I just love this photo of Audrey and my mom. The way she is looking at her says it all! To keep the focus on that beautiful image, I clustered everything around it—the title, journaling, and embellishments. The border was cut directly from a coordinating piece of die-cut patterned paper.”


grandma’s here  by Charity Hassel

Charity said: “I wanted to make a list of some of the fun things we did while Grandma came to visit from out of town.”

nana by Lisa Dickinson

nana  by Lisa Dickinson

Lisa said: “When I’m stuck for ideas on how to journal a page, I often use list-style journaling. On this layout, rather than journal about the photo of my mom (“nana”) and her granddaughters, I listed several of her personality traits. I love that it gives the reader a peek at the people (beyond what is obviously recorded by the camera).”

there is no one like papa  by Diana Fisher

Diana said: “My son, Nate, absolutely adores his Papa. These pictures were taken during a family vacation, and I just had to make a page that showed Nate’s love for him.”


Here are some great ideas to implement on your next grandparent layout:

•If the photo is “older” and you are creating a heritage layout, include memorabilia in the form of letters, postcards, etc. from the same time period.
•Interview your child(ren) about their favourite memories of their grandparents and what they love about them—include the interview on your layout as part of the journaling.
•Create a timeline of sorts on your layout with photos taken of your child(ren) with their grandparent(s) at different stages of development.
•Grandparents LOVE to show pictures of their grandkids—make them a mini album or a brag book that is portable enough to take with them wherever they go!

These layouts all speak so beautifully to the love that exists between grandparents and their grandchildren. It is evident in the subject matter, it is evident in the photographs, and it is evident in the journaling. We hope they have inspired you!