Hello SCT friends!  As you may know, I love using my scrapbooking supplies for more than creating layouts and cards.  Décor pieces, party favors/decorations, gift-wrap – all come from the supplies in my studio. 

Last week I needed a hostess gift…fast.  I knew that she liked to cook and garden so herb plants seemed logical to me.  The problem was that they didn’t look very nice in their natural pots and I didn’t have time to hunt down other containers and replant.  My solution?  Scrapbooking supplies.

So today I’m going to show you a really EASY way to dress up some herb plants.


Start with your plants and two pieces of 12X12 scrapbooking paper.  You’ll also need some twine, glue dots, and a gift tag.

Place your plant in the center of the paper.  Stick two glue dots along the edge of the pot along two sides and fold the paper up like a taco so that the edges stick.


One at a time, fold the point up toward the pot edge while tucking in the excess paper.  This will create a fold (or pleats) on either side.  Adhere the fold to the container with more glue dots. 


Wrap twine around the paper to secure the folds and attach a tag. 


Your plants are ready for giving!  This would also work to create a seasonal or themed centerpiece.  Simply change out the type of plant and/or scrapbooking paper!

Thank you for checking in today. I hope you try this idea and please share your work!

~  Marla Kress