Hello friends! It’s Wendy Sue Anderson here today, and I would like to share some of the ways I organize my paper crafting tools and supplies. I don’t have a designated room to create in—I actually occupy a portion of our basement family room. I prefer it this way so I can interact with my family while I create! My organization is functional, though it doesn’t boast the latest and greatest baskets, bins, and storage options. It gets the job done and allows me more money to spend on pretty papers and quality tools! Without further ado, here’s a peek at a few of my organizational options!

I have several different types of adhesives and little tools that I like to keep at arm’s length. Here’s how I organize them:


This little wooden crate, purchased at Michael’s several years ago, is perfect for holding my small collection of Nuvo drops, several different bottles of liquid adhesive, and some other adhesive rolls and refills. A few other often-used tools, such as my powder brush, stapler, and my collection of little scissors, are all kept nice and tidy in this bin. The scissors are attached to the outside of the bin with a binder ring. 


I’ve also recently discovered Tul pens and LOVE to use them for journaling on my projects. I keep them handy in this little crate that sits on the shelf directly behind my work table.  Since the bin has handles and is quite sturdy, it’s easy to move back and forth when I’m working on a project.


Since I love using metal dies on my projects, I keep my most-often used dies handy in this little plastic basket, purchased from the Target dollar spot several years ago. I’m sure there are several similar options available now. I have a larger collection of dies that I love and keep in a different area of my space, but keeping the few that I find myself using over and over is a huge time-saver! The less time I spend looking for a specific die, the better—that means more time to craft!


Like my metal die basket, I have another basket where I store my go-to stamps as well. I keep my stamps in their original packaging whenever I can.  If that’s not possible, I’ve found that a simple Ziploc baggie works just fine for me. I’m not super picky and as long as I can SEE the stamps, I’m more likely to use them!  As you can see, I also keep a few different acrylic blocks handy in this bin. I keep a larger collection in another area, and I like to switch them out and “rotate” depending on the season or whatever I’m working on at the time.


The last product I want to share is one that I LOVE for organizing, but it will date me for sure. It’s my Making Memories Carousel. Anyone else still have one of these? Although this particular brand is no longer available, Michaels has a very similar desktop carousel still in stock!

This is definitely my most used and loved organizing tool. I keep my most-used tools handy right on the corner of my work table. You’ll find several different rulers, punches, pens, staplers, paintbrushes, and so much more, organized in each little cubby of this carousel. I also love the little bottom drawers to keep extra small supplies like binder rings, staples, erasers, etc. One little drawer even holds my extra SD cards! Because it spins, I never have to lift it up and move it around, I simply spin it around until I find the tool I need.

My overall space isn’t necessarily gorgeous, but it suits me just fine. While most of my supplies and tools are tucked away in a few armoires and cabinets, I like to keep a few of my favorite things at arms-length. Keeping them out helps me remember to use them and having a home for each different type of tool keeps me organized and efficient.

What are some of your favorite ways to organize your tools and supplies?  I’d love to hear your favorite ideas!

~ Wendy Sue