Do you have a crafting secret? Oh we bet you do! After listening to a Ted Talk by Frank Warren about the Post Secret movement, it inspired us to ask you about your crafting secrets! Each week we want you to email us your #craftingsecrets (we will keep it anonymous!) and we will post a selection right here on Sundays. Let’s add a little bit more fun to this because you know we love to keep it fun! Each month we will randomly select one person who shared their #craftingsecrets to win our most current issue and a little “secret prize” too!

Sunday, February 26, 2017:

I keep a large ziplock bag of peanut M&Ms in a drawer labeled “embellishments” in my craft room.  I know if my husband finds them, he will think they are beads or some other crafting item.  I think the dog may be on to me though. ~ P.M.

I have numerous unfinished scrapbooks on my self.  I can hear them calling me.  Begging for my attention.  I ignore them and move on to another project.  I feel a little sad for them.  They deserve better. ~ L.B.

I have lots of ideas noted of pages that I want to do, and yet when I sit down to scrap I don’t know what to work on and waste tons of time deciding. ~ K.R.

I hoard crafting supplies – but they are very well organized and if you ask my husband he will tell you with a very serious face…my wife needs all those supplies to create her beautiful cards and family albums ;-).  He has no idea how many trips to the crafts stores I make or how many online orders I receive…at work!  I could probably open my own craft store… ~ J.T.

I have more layouts sitting in pizza boxes than in albums! ~ N.L.

Sometimes I need time soooo bad to myself I say I am going to scrap and I actually just go shut my craft door turn on my tv and binge watch all my favorite shows and don’t get anything done.  I just really needed “me” time!  They all know if moms craft room door is shut I am crafting and not to bother me so it is nice to “get away!  ”  AHHHHHH!  ~ C.S.

My scrapbook/craft room is my whole house. Stickers, ribbon, cards and washi tape in one bedroom. Paper is in another plus hall closet plus garage file cabinet. (Yes, I’m addicted to paper) Tools are wherever I can find a place to stick them and stamps and ink are in another bedroom. Waiting on “my ship to come in” so I can build a  craft room in the attic. Hope it wasn’t the Titanic! ~CM

I store most of my crafting supplies in a mini-fridge. It keeps the dust out! (However, it’s increasingly a struggle to shut the fridge door…)  ~ Jeanie

My secret is that I quite often treat myself to new crafting goodies and then tell my Other Half that I’ve won them, hahahaha.  Takes the guilt out of my shopping 😉  – Lynne

We thought it would also be a fun question to ask our own team and here are some of their little #craftingsecrets….

“I have scrapbooking commitment issues! Eep! Sometimes I’m all about the single pages. Other times, I dig the doubles. I typically do 12×12 layouts, but every once in a while an 8.5×11 will sneak in. Sometimes my pages are traditional, sometimes they’re digital, and sometimes they’re hybrid. Pocket pages? Oh, sure! I do pocket pages. It’s madness, I tell ya! But you know what? I kind of love the side effect of my commitment conundrum, which is blended albums. I feel the variety of size, type, and style adds a fun energy to my books and allows me to do whatever works best for each story.” ~ Megan Hoeppner

“I scrap on our kitchen table so sometimes we eat dinner on the floor.” ~ Paige Evans

“I have tons of projects without photos on them. Just like making the stuff sometimes.” ~ Vicki Boutin

“I have over 100 layouts that are not in albums.” ~ Jen Chapin

Want to share your #craftingsecrets with us? Here’s how:

  1. Email us your secret at ideas@scrapbookandcards.com with #craftingsecret in your reference line
  2. We will post a selection right here on Sundays

To gain even more momentum on this fun movement, we would love you to write down your #craftingsecrets, take a picture of it and share it online with the hashtag #craftingsecrets and tag us @sctmagazine on Instagram or post it on our Facebook page!

Let’s have some fun with this SCT friends! And….GO!