PaigeLast week we shared some of our team's #craftingsecrets and asked our readers to share some of theirs! We LOVED how many responded and thought we would share a few here and a few on our website!

Sometimes I need time soooo bad to myself I say I am going to scrap and I actually just go shut my craft door turn on my tv and binge watch all my favorite shows and don't get anything done.  I just really needed "me" time!  They all know if moms craft room door is shut I am crafting and not to bother me so it is nice to "get away!  "  AHHHHHH!  ~ C.S.

My scrapbook/craft room is my whole house. Stickers, ribbon, cards and washi tape in one bedroom. Paper is in another plus hall closet plus garage file cabinet. (Yes, I'm addicted to paper) Tools are wherever I can find a place to stick them and stamps and ink are in another bedroom. Waiting on "my ship to come in" so I can build a  craft room in the attic. Hope it wasn't the Titanic! ~CM

I store most of my crafting supplies in a mini-fridge. It keeps the dust out! (However, it's increasingly a struggle to shut the fridge door…)  ~ Jeanie

My secret is that I quite often treat myself to new crafting goodies and then tell my Other Half that I've won them, hahahaha.  Takes the guilt out of my shopping 😉  - Lynne

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