Just had to share some of the #craftingsecrets we've received! Keep them coming!

I have two rooms full of crafty supplies for cardmaking, yet I rarely mail any cards out! Of the ones I actually make, I tend to keep more than I mail! ~ DC

Sometimes I make up fake plans so I can tell my friends I am busy….then I stay home to craft! I won’t even mention the secret chocolate stash <3   ~ Denise

When we built a house and moved out to the country so we could take care of my parents, someone else packed most of my craft stuff. I have no idea in which box anything is – and it's all out in the barn. So my crafting secret is that over the past 6 years, I've pretty much replaced, well, almost everything…some things twice! ~ N

Okay, here's my secret. I'm an addict! My daughter is an addict too! Our husbands have no idea how much money we spend at our favourite online craft stores (it might be a bit much!)  Anyway, when  a package arrives with my name on it, I tell my husband that my daughter ordered stuff and didn't want her husband to know. When a package arrives with her name on it, she tells her husband that I ordered it. (And we just hide the Micheals bags!) Works great! ~ Sandy

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