Emily Pitts is back to share an AMAZING card tutorial with us today. Playing upon the “scrap” theme of her collage layout from Monday, Emily created this crazy quilt card. Upon opening the image of the card from Emily, Kerry could be heard saying, “ooh…aah.” She does that. Talking to herself. LOL.

Here is Emily with her crazy quilt tutorial:

Collages are one great way to use up scraps of paper and tidbits you’ve got lying around, but making a crazy quilt inspired card is another. The fun thing about the crazy quilt technique is there is no wrong way to add the next piece. You just cut and paste, cut and paste. My example uses scraps from my Monday Challenge layout plus a couple of extra bits of ribbon that I have in a baggie.

This is a great way to use up those last scraps of ribbon you don’t want to throw away. I started cutting triangles of various sizes and gluing them onto the card base. You’ll notice that you don’t have to have perfect triangles—see the pink piece of paper has a curved edge? I knew I’d eventually cover that up, so I didn’t worry about trimming it.

Gradually cover the whole surface of the card face—it’s easier to add the glue to the bit of paper or ribbon than the card face since you’ll probably want to wiggle and nudge the paper into place. At the very end of the process, I would glue one edge down, then trim to fit with my scissors.

Once I had my entire surface covered, I trimmed all the excess paper and ribbon off.  For my final step, I added some machine stitches, stamps, flowers, and bling.

So start using up your scraps making crazy quilt projects. Wouldn’t this be a fun background for your next layout?

Thanks Emily! We love it!