Vicki Boutin

Teacher: Vicki Boutin

Duration: 2 hrs

Friday: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

If you follow Vicki Boutin on social media (@vickiboutin on Instagram or Vicki Boutin on Facebook) then you know she shares some beautiful photos. Most of us are carrying the perfect creative capturer around in our pockets and purses at all times.  It is your iPhone, of course!  The integrated cameras in Smartphones and other mobile devices have the incredible ability to create amazing photos.  In addition, there are lots of available apps that make creative editing a snap!  Getting great photo results can be easy and fun with mobile photography.  Come and learn a few simple steps for taking great iPhone photos with Vicki and then how to enhance them with apps!  Creative photographic storytelling on the go!

A list of apps will be provided and will need to be downloaded prior to the workshop.


Hi, Friends!!!

So excited to see all of you in a few short days!!  We are going to have so much fun making our own stamps, putting together a mini book and discovering the full potential of the camera in your phone!!!  And laughing, of course!

Dotting “i”s and crossing “t”s time!

Creative iPhone Photo Taking & Editing Workshop

– I have had a few inquiries asking if non-iPhone users will benefit from this class.  I say, yes.  Lots of basic photography tips.  There are a lot of iPhone tricks discussed but let’s look at your Android’s and see what’s special about them, too!

Apps that will be discussed in class- Pic Tap Go (Vicki’s Fav…iPhone only), VSCO, Snapseed, Afterlight, Camera+

See you all in a minute!!!!

~ Vicki

Creative iPhone Photo Taking & Editing with Vicki Boutin