I am a huge fan of my electronic die cutter and I use it on almost all my pages! Being able to customize the size, shape, and material of elements on my page is one of the main reasons it’s my most-used tool. But even after they are cut, there are lots of ways to make your die-cut shapes unique for each page design.  One of my favorite ways to customize them is with paint!


On this colorful page, I cut out a repeating title from white card stock. But before removing it from the backing sheet, I added paint, brushing each word with a different shade of the rainbow.  I love watercolor paints for this technique, but you can also use watered down acrylics or even spray mist to accomplish the same look. 




Once the paint is dry, you can remove each piece from the backing and arrange it on your page. I adhered mine to the layout with rows of stitching and then added lots of layered embellishments that are color-coordinated with each piece. 


So the next time you want a completely unique element in your design, try a little paint on your die cuts!  I think you'll love the result!

To all our Canadian readers, have a wonderful happy Canada Day!

~  Lisa Dickinson