Hello dear SCT friends, it's Emily Pitts here and I have some suggestions for you today for creating vintage layouts!


When my grandmother passed away a few years ago, she left boxes of photos and memorabilia that needed to be archived. Being the one who loves photos in my family, I got the job and spent eight hours a day for a whole week scanning photos and doing as much recording of names, dates, and places as possible. It was an incredible experience. It also meant I'd have plenty of opportunities to scrap vintage photos. But vintage is  not my style, so melding the photos and my style was kind of a fun experiment.


My grandparents eloped in the early 1940s and we don't have any photos of their wedding, but I did find an announcement that my great grandmother sent out after the fact. I paired it with a photo from after the marriage, but close to the same time. The original photo was my grandparents with their friends at a supper club, so I cropped the friends out and added a true-to-the-era, beat up looking digital frame to make the photo on my layout look original. 


I also used linen in a few different places because it helps create the aged feel.

For the announcement, I reduced the size by about half and printed it on a cream colored cardstock. Adding a pearl tipped pin was again true to the era and also something I remember about my grandmother, lots of pretty pearls in her jewelry box. I also added a couple of pearls to the banner to balance it out.


Keeping the colors muted, having a lot of texture with the linen and wood, and using era inspired patterns are what made this a fun layout to create. I kept true to my clean style, but was able to also keep true to the photo and story of my grandparents' announcement. I hope some ideas you've seen will inspire you to do the same.


~ Emily Pitts