Howdy friends!  It’s Layle Koncar (think Gayle, with an ‘L’) and I’m back this month to share how I’m using a traveler’s notebook to document the Coronavirus.


We’re currently living through an unprecedented time in history with COVID-19. While it’s a time we won’t soon forget, many of the details we are likely to forget. Details like how we felt, things we experienced, new routines, shortages, wearing face masks… even ‘cleaning’ our groceries before putting them away. As scrapbookers & memory keepers, we document the stories that make up our lives. The COVID-19 story is one that I’ve been documenting so that I remember the details.



When I sat down to start documenting a few weeks ago, I printed a number of free printables and word art from different artists in the community; I’ve included links to those I’ve used throughout my blog post. I have also included a link to an amazing ‘round-up’ list of free artwork at the end of the post as well!

 In my traveler’s notebook, I’m including a mix of news stories along with stories from my perspective. 


 For the intro spread in my TN, I’ve combined word art from Kerri Bradford and Ali Edwards, a photo downloaded from the internet and some journaling. The internet is a great place to find photos to tell your story about the virus. Google is your friend when it comes to that!


 Persnickety Prints has created timeline printables and journaling cards to help tell the story.  The timelines are a great, factual recap of what happened and when.


Including photos showing the situation from different perspectives, graphs, and commonly used terms are all part of the story & the details I’m capturing to remember.  


 Documenting family time and our activities is definitely something I’m including in my TN; I’ve added another printable from Kerri Bradford in this spread as well.



 I’ve even included lists in my TN—to do lists, bucket lists of things we want to do, even lists about shows we’re watching while we’re staying home.


This is just a fraction of what I’ve documented so far; I’ve already filled one TN with many more photos and stories and I’m getting ready to start another one! You can see the rest of the TN in this video:


If you’re interested in learning more about traveler’s notebooks, I have a FREE online class series all about them! You’ll find all of the details here on my website

My friend Traci Reed has put together an amazing ‘round up’ blog post of the FREE Covid-19 scrappy artwork around the community. From printable journaling cards to word art, and digital scrapbooking mini kits, there are some great finds out there to use in your documentation of the virus!


 Thanks for letting me share a peek into how I’m documenting the coronavirus in my traveler’s notebook!  Follow my TN and scrapbooking adventures on Instagram and on my blog to see more of what I’m up to! 

 Take care & stay healthy! 

~ Layle