Kim Hughes is here to share a cute card technique. We always love when Kim shares her card “tricks” with us.

Here is Kim with her card technique:

Thinking Of You Card  by Kim Hughes

Adding dry embossed patterns to cardstock and paper is easier than ever with die-cutting machines. I had some acrylic templates that I just had to try with my cardstock. It would take a long time to cover a large surface, but using them just for a small area (or to add a random pattern), these templates work amazingly well.

Here are the steps:

1. Lie the surface that you want embossed, face down.

2. Rub a hard marker lid directly on the paper, or use an embossing tool.

3. Turn the paper over and lightly sand the raised surface.

4. Wipe off excess dust and your pattern will appear.

Article by Kim Hughes