Today we’re excited to welcome our good friend Layle Konkar to the blog! Just because Layle has fewer photos to document doesn’t mean she isn’t getting crafty. She’s changed up her memory keeping to a more portable format: traveler’s notebooks! Today Layle is here to share one of her favourite ways to fill her notebooks: by making lists!


Howdy friends! It’s Layle Koncar (think Gayle, with an ‘L’) and I’m back this month to share how I’m documenting life these days in my traveler’s notebook.

I’m a list maker. No if, and or buts about it. If it can be written down and crossed off, you better believe I’m writing it down. And for sure crossing it off—can we talk about how good it feels to cross something off of a list?! Psssttt… can I let you in on a little secret? I sometimes even write things down on my list that I’ve already done, just so I can cross them off! Ha! Ok, tell me I’m not alone on that one!


 Here’s the deal when it comes to lists, though: They don’t have to be the plain old boring ‘to do’ lists—or in my case, I like to call them ‘to done’ lists! No sir! You can have tons of fun making creative lists about all sorts of different things!


Lately, I’ve been making a list at the start of each new month called ‘About Last Month’. 


 On that list I write things down that happened: personal things, things I bought, things I ate, places I went, things happening in the news… you name it!


 Because I’m a scrapbooker at heart, I add stickers, washi and die cuts, and sometimes even photos as I did for September.  


 Creating a list like this in my traveler’s notebook each month is a quick and easy way to keep track of what happens throughout the year.  My plan is to do a similar list in January called ‘About Last Year’ where I’ll pick out and document the top things that happened throughout the year. It will be easy peasy to do because I’ll have all of my monthly lists to refer back to!

I’ll always love scrapbooking, creating layouts and mini books. With that said, as our boys have grown older, I’ve found I have fewer photos to document. Making what I call ‘creative lists’ like this in my traveler’s notebook has given me a wonderful outlet to continue to be creative, in a way that makes me happy AND gives me an opportunity to continue to tell my stories!


 Interested in learning more about, and doing a little creative listing? Join me each Saturday on my YouTube channel at 9 am Pacific Time for a LIVE listing and memory keeping session. From lists like the ones above to others like ‘What’s In My Purse’, ‘Women I Admire’, ‘Favorite Chick Flicks’, ‘Things I Love About My Hometown’…. and more, there are so many great topics on my ‘lists to do’ list that I can’t wait to continue to share!


 I’ve had a blast each Saturday, sharing list topics, working on my lists LIVE, discussing tips, tricks, and techniques about how I’m approaching things, and telling stories as I go. I hope to ‘see’ you there on a Saturday in the future!

Thanks for letting me share a peek into how I’m documenting life lately in my traveler’s notebook! Take care & stay healthy! 

Layle Koncar

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