Hello friends, and welcome to the final week of February!

My hope is that you have been working through your February Favourites album all month, completing a prompt each day and are ready to wrap up your album this week! However, I know firsthand that LIFE gets in the way! Our responsibilities and our busy schedules call to us, and they take precedence over getting scrappy.

Last week, I finished the two volumes of my December documentation project—a big milestone for me since this is only the second year I have done so, in the 4 years I have attempted this project. Finishing these albums prompted me to think about the most successful ways to work on a long project, making the most of every little slice of time that you may have in your day. Today I’d like to share some tips on how to finish your February Favourites album so that you can enjoy it, filled with your favorite things, instead of still in pieces in a bag. These tips should help you finish whether you are a week behind, or have not even started your album.

SCT Magazine - February Favourites - Week Four
  1. Choose all of your photos and print at the same time. 

If you have some down time that you can spend with your photo library, get your heart-clicking finger ready! Use your prompt list and start scrolling to find the 29 photos that are perfect for each of your favourite things. Favorite each photo, or add to a separate folder. Write the date of the photo next to the prompt list so that it is easy for you to find it in your library later, and add the date on your page, if you so choose. Next, crop your photos according to the photo size in the album instructions. After cropping, edit all of your photos at once. Not only will this save you time by grouping tasks, you will also be able to get consistency across your images by editing your photos the same—bumping up brightness, adding contrast, etc. You could even use a set filter for each image with an app like Pic Tap Go. Last, print all of your photos, or send them out to print and pat yourself on the back—this is a big step to complete!

SCT Magazine - February Favourites - Week Four
  1. Stamp your heart out! 

You have a series to binge on Netflix, so pull out your seal stamp, black ink and the piece of smooth, white cardstock in your kit, and stamp it 24 times—the number of seals that you need for the entire album. Next, go through the instructions to see which prompts use the seal stamp, and stamp the words in the seals using your alphabet stamps and coloured ink—I used a combination of pink, teal and yellow. I shared a video in my week 2 email that shows you how I stamped the seals that should make this process easy for you! Once all of your seals are stamped, punch them out using a 1-1/4″ circle punch, or fussy cut each one with fine-point scissors, and all of your seals are ready to be added to your pages!

SCT Magazine - February Favourites - Week Three
  1. Get your bases prepped.

One of the ways in which I found that I was successful completing my December albums was because I got my bases prepared first, then could embellish a single page whenever I had a free few minutes of time in my day. Preparing the bases means adding and adhering paper, photos and journaling first, so that you can see clearly where you have space for embellishment, which can be added later in short bursts. After your bases are prepped, you can also save time by grouping your next steps together—pulling out the Simple Stories die cuts and adding them to each page according to the directions, stamping the small embellishment hearts and sparkles around your embellishment groupings in one sitting, and finishing off with those sweet and colorful puffy dots.

Following these three tips will help you to complete your album, step-by-step, so that you can be proud of the finished product that contains the happiest things in your life! It has been such a pleasure creating this SCT Delivered album kit for you, and my hope is that you will treasure it and the things, people and memories it records, for years to come! Don’t forget to share your finished album photos with us on Instagram, by tagging @sctmagazine and using the hashtag #createwithSCT !

Happy creating!

Meghann Andrew

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