"I am excited to welcome you to a place of inspiration, imagination, and innovation!" ~ David

Good morning and happy Monday SCT friends! We're glad you've joined us today as we share our recent interview with crafting mastermind David Tutera! Known as the leading DIY wedding and entertainment expert having worked with clients like Jennifer Lopez, Elton John, Prince Charles and so many more, David is also an author, TV star, works with several charitable foundations and impressively, is a crafting expert!  

David recently released a line of products with Sizzix which we had an opportunity to see at our trade show in January. We were mesmerized not only by the details of David's collection but by the ease at which his beautiful DIY projects come together. As we approach wedding season and clearly have a love for DIY, we thought this was a perfect opportunity to share our interview with David!

Floral Label
What would you say was the impetus for your interest in creating fabulous weddings?

I have always had a passion for design. The accomplishment of bringing a couple’s vision to life while providing a moment in time that allows them and their guests to escape into a place of love is the most rewarding feeling and is why I love what I do.  

Where do you find inspiration when creating wedding products?  

When it comes to designing my products and collections, much of my inspiration comes from couples that I’ve worked with throughout my career and their top wants and needs during the wedding planning journey. I also draw inspiration from elements in my everyday life—from global travels and architecture to nature, family  and pop culture. Looking to the runways and staying up on the latest high-fashions is also a source of inspiration for me, as it tends to be ahead of bridal and helps me forecast trends in my own way, and translates into my work. Providing a combination inspiration, aspiration and affordability is the goal.

Table tent

When it comes to celebrating weddings David Tutera-style, what would you say are the three most important things to consider?

The three most important elements of a wedding are the venue/catering, entertainment and décor.  You always want to make sure you set the tone and have an overall connected look and feel of your event through your décor, while ensuring that your guests are comfortable, fed and having a great time. 

Cupcake die

Why do you think Do It Yourself weddings are so popular?

DIY projects allow couples to literally put their stamp on their wedding, giving every detail that much more meaning and significance and truly making it their own through their love, sweat and (happy) tears.


How did you and Sizzix come to this partnership?

Sizzix and I connected immediately, especially knowing that we both share the same belief of creating and producing product that is affordable and unique, allowing consumers to add their own touch of personality to their weddings. 

Birdcage die

What is your favorite thing about working with Sizzix?

My favorite thing about working with Sizzix is how easy it is to work together as a team.   It truly does take a village to create something successful and because Sizzix and I work so well together, this allows us to create value, excitement and a product that consumers fall in love with for their weddings. 

I know it’s like picking a favorite child, but which of your new products with Sizzix is your favorite and why?

It would hands down have to be the paper flower bouquets.   

If you were to describe your design style in just three words, what words would you choose?

Unique, Magical, Memorable.

What icons would you say are your favorite for incorporating into wedding décor?

  • Princess Grace for elegance
  • Jackie Kennedy for glamour 
  • Lady Gaga for being bold and daring 

This notable combination is what creates uniqueness!

Your Sizzix Bouquet & Boutonniere Kit is stunning! Do you have plans to create more flowers? If so, what flowers are you envisioning?

Thank you, it’s one of my favorites! The options for future expansion are endless, like paper flowers for napkins rings, table designs, chair backs, cake accent décor, fashion accessories and detailing invites.

Bouquet & BoutonniereDo you and your daughter create together? What is Cielo’s favorite way to be creative?

Cielo and I create together everyday and she allows me to be more artistic, imaginative and live and learn through her eyes.  She has such a wild imagination and loves coloring, creating art on canvas with paints and making sculptures from blocks or clay or magnetic stackables.


David, thank you! Thank you for sharing your thoughts in this interview and thank you for sharing your creative genius with the DIY crafters through your partnership with the amazing Sizzix brand. There is no doubt this debut collection will find its way in to 1,000's of weddings and will help brides and grooms everywhere create a beautiful setting for their most anticipated day. We also want to take a moment to congratulate David on his own recent wedding. No doubt it was the most beautiful one of all!

You can see David's full collection with Sizzix here and not that we are trying to enable you (ok, maybe we are!) be prepared to want it all! You may also want to join us this Friday for a little David Tutera surprise giveaway!

If you have any questions for David or just want to offer some thoughts on his debut collection with Sizzix, please leave a comment below. For more about David we hope you'll take a moment to visit his website https://davidtutera.com/.

~ Catherine Tachdjian

Publisher, Scrapbook & Cards Today