We are excited to share an amazing campaign from one of our partners with you on this sunny, happy Saturday! We would love all our SCT readers to join in on this too!


Introducing the Jillibean Soup “Give Back” campaign! Join Jillibean Soup in 2020 as they work together with the online community to GIVE BACK to family, friends, neighbors, and community. Their goal is to spread happiness and love as far and wide as possible, and they need your help! 

Throughout the year Jillibean Soup will be sharing a variety of ideas for how you can serve your community and give back—from simple tasks like greeting a stranger, to volunteering at a local food bank. How can you help? Look for your own ways to give back this year. Make a handmade card and mail to a friend, drop off a treat to a neighbor, or pay it forward by treating someone in line for coffee. Need some ideas to get started? You can start by downloading the first “Give Back” List and checking off boxes as you go!


As a special thank you, Jillibean Soup has prepared a special goody box for each person that completes at least 20 “Give Back” acts in 2020! We at SCT Magazine are so excited about this give-back program that we are also adding a special discount code to our shop in each goody box. To learn more about this program, visit the Jillibean Soup blog for more details, and let’s give back together!