Hi everyone, last month I showed you a neat trick to cover pre-made chipboard shapes with glitter.
Today, I’d like to show you a fun way to combine die cuts with glitter! Glitter goodness!



1. The supplies you need are double sided tape, glitter and a die cut (preferable a steel rule die so that it can cut through the paper and tape cleanly).
2. Apply the tape to cardstock and run it through your die cut.
3. Remove the backing of the tape and place it back onto the shape on an offset to expose some tape (in my example, the tip of the waves).
4. Sprinkle your first glitter colour onto the exposed tape.
5. Brush off excess and rub glitter into the tape.
6. Remove the backing again exposing the tape.
7. Sprinkle your second glitter colour onto the tape.
8. Brush off excess and rub glitter into the tape. Voila, you’ve just created your own glittered embellishment!


I hope you have fun giving this technique a try. It’s the perfect excuse to collect all those pretty little jars of sparkly goodness!


Article by: Virginia Nebel