Today is all about glitz and shimmer and lots of colour! Virginia Nebel is with us again this month to show us how to make our photos and projects pop of their pages.

Here’s Virginia with her tips and tricks:

Matting photos is a great way to draw attention to them. I’d like to show you another way to make your photos sparkle using double sided tape and micro-fine glitter. I’ll also show you how to make your own glitter frames.


1) The supplies needed are some double-sided tape, micro-fine glitter, a non-stick craft mat and scissors and a blush brush.

2) Unroll a length of double-sided tape longer than your photo. In my example, I used a 1/4 inch width tape. Hold onto the excess tape at each end and position the tape flush with your photo’s edge. This is why it’s handy to have a non-stick craft mat so that you can easily lift the photo from the mat once you have applied the tape.

3) After the tape is applied, trim off the excess on the ends.

4) Remove the wax backing exposing the tape’s sticky side, liberally sprinkle micro-fine glitter over the tape, and brush off excess glitter back into the jar. Burnish or rub the glitter with your finger into the tape so that the glitter really adheres to the tape.

5) Repeat above for all sides of the photo.

And here’s how I used my now glittery framed photos:


To make your own glitter frames:

1) Cut a square or rectangle cardstock.
2) Follow the previously described to glitter all the edges. In my example, I used a 1/2 inch width tape.
3) Use an exacto knife and a sturdy ruler to trim out the center and voila you have a frame.

And here’s how I used my new sparkly frame:


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