Got Scraps

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turn leftover scraps into BEAUTIFUL cards!

Always a reader favourite, our “got scraps?” article shows QUICK and practical ways to use up your scrap stash—and, as an added bonus, includes handy card sketches from three different designers.

hello by Davinie Fiero


  1. Make a 5.5 x 4” card from blue cardstock.
  2. Cut a 5.25 x 3” piece of floral paper, a 5.25 x 1” piece of both blue paper and orange cardstock (scallop one edge), and a 5.25 x 3/8” of green paper; layer and stitch to card front.
  3. Punch 4 yellow circles using a 2” punch; fold in half to create a half moon shape.
  4. Layer half circles together as you would fold a cardboard box; adhere under each flap where it touches another circle.
  5. Repeat above using a 1.5” circle punch; layer, top with a green button and tie a bow with floss.
  6. Cut two leaves from green paper and adhere, along with flower, to card front.
  7. Ink chipboard letters and adhere as shown.
have a ball by Kimber McGray


  1. Create a 4 3/4 x 4 3/4” circle template (Kimber traced around the outside edge of a spool of ribbon).
  2. Using the circle template, create a card base using a folded piece of black cardstock.
  3. Again, using the circle template, draw the shape of a beach ball and cut into sections—trim away a little from each piece to allow the black “seams” to show through.
  4. Trace the pieces onto different patterned papers.
  5. Adhere to card base.
  6. Add sentiment and embellishments.
thanks by Kerry McRorie


  1. Create a 7 x 5” card from orange cardstock.
  2. Cut a 6 3/4 x 4 1/2” piece of white cardstock and a 6 1/4 x 4” piece of blue cardstock; adhere both to card front.
  3. Cut 1 x 6” strips from various patterned papers; zig zag stitch strips together in sets of three.
  4. Turn strip sets 90° and cut into 1 x 3” strips; randomly stitch strips together—changing directions frequently to create a roughly shaped rectangle (approx. 6 1/4 x 4”).
  5. Trim to measure 6 x 3 3/4” and adhere to blue cardstock.
  6. Cut a 1 x 6” strip of orange cardstock and a 3/4 x 6” strip of white cardstock; adhere as shown and add sentiment.
  7. Die-cut leaves from green cardstock; layer flower elements on top and embellish with button.