As we continue our Pink Paislee week, we have Rebecca Cross joining us with a fun project.

“I am a big fan of Halloween festivities and I am anxious for halloween to arrive so I thought it would be fun to create some wearable art that I could wear on Halloween night and also during my son’s halloween party at school! This project was super easy to make and even though I am not a “handmade jewelry” expert I discovered that with the right pre-made pieces even I could do it! I purchased the chain and the pendant separately and added some of my own elements to make it unique to me.


Of course I have been dying to play with some of the “spooky” elements in our new Hocus Pocus collection and I thought the small skeleton and tiny fly press ons would be the perfect touch for this piece. While I was out shopping this past weekend I saw some home decor plates with the phrase “Bone Appetit” printed on them in conjunction with a skeleton hand and I instantly fell in love. It is the perfect catch phrase for our little skeleton graphic so I added it to my necklace using small strips printed right out of my printer. Of course what is Halloween (or jewelry for that matter) without a little bling? To make this piece sparkle I also glued some orange Pixee Stix glitter around the edges before sliding it in between the tiny glass discs. The pendant opens up on it’s own and the glass discs just slide right out of the holder; all I had to do was use my 1.5″ circle punch to punch the design out of my paper, add glitter to the edges and apply the fly press ons and printed journaling strips. Then I added a tiny fabric bow for extra texture. Frightfully easy.