Has ice cream been part of your main food groups to keep you cool this summer? There is definitely no shortage of ice cream at our house so it’s no wonder this delicious treat was on my mind when creating this 3T’s post. I have a really fun and easy tutorial to share to create ice cream books (and no bindings required!). This is a fantastic craft projects for kids to scrap their sweet summer memories.

Here are the steps:


1. You will need 1 large circle (this will form the cone portion of your ice cream cone) and 4 smaller circles (these are the ice cream scoops). In my example the large circle measures 11.5 inches and the smaller circle measures 4 inches in diameter. If you do not have a circle cutter to cut these exact sizes then use the largest circle you can cut (tracing out a dinner plate will work) and then refer to step 2 to calculate the measurement for your smaller circles. You will also need 15 inches of ribbon or twine.

2. Once you have cut out your large circle. Fold into 8 equal parts and open up the circle again. You should have a circle with creases showing 8 equal pie segments. Measure across one pie segment and this is the diameter of the 4 smaller circles you will need to cut out.

3. Choose two opposite points and bring towards the centre, bring the back flaps around to create your front and back covers.

4. Press down on the creases to form the cone.


5. Unfold your circle again.

6. Punch two holes along the crease of the back and front covers. Refer to photo for the hole positions. Thread your ribbon or twine through the holes. Fold up your circle into its cone shape again.

7. Place some adhesive on the bottom of the smaller circles and place into the top pocket of each cone page. Tip: glue the ice cream tops from back to front so that when your album is closed the ice cream scoops are lined up.

8. Voila! You’ve just made your ice cream cone album.


In my finished example I used a large scalloped circle for the cone, bright and cheerful pattern paper for the ice cream tops. The story of my album celebrates my daughter’s latest ‘goto’ fashion item, her cool sun shades.

There are so many fun ways to use the ice cream cone album- how about birthday invitations or dedicate each ice cream cone page to a family member and their favourite ice cream flavour? The ice cream book can also be a fun accent on a scrapbook layout for extra photos or journaling. You could turn the ice cream cone into a cupcake by simply trimming across the middle of the cone. Ooh- imagine all the yummy ways to decorate your cupcake tops- think glitter, tinsel, and flocking!

Hope you have fun creating your own sweet treats.

Article by: Virginia Nebel