Hi friends! It’s Wendy Sue here today, sharing some fun cards I created based on an often overlooked source of inspiration.  

You’ve already had a chance to scour the summer issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine (if you haven’t, click HERE to download your free digital copy), and you’ve likely found loads of ideas to inspire your next project, BUT have you considered using the ads as inspiration?  

Today I am sharing a suite of cards that I created using summer issue ads as inspiration! I used the “A Slice of Summer” collection from Echo Park Paper on all of my cards, but as you can see, each one is quite unique! First up is this beautiful bouquet card: 

This card was inspired by the card in the My Mind’s Eye ad on page 49. I used the actual card in the ad to determine the basic layout of my card. Finding inspiration in ads that include actual projects is easy peasy! 

My next card features a collage of stickers, chipboard, puffy stickers, enamel dots, and more! 

I was inspired by the Echo Park Paper ad on page 2 of the summer issue. 

You can see how they placed products across the page for the photo in their ad. It worked great for my card and would also be a fun scrapbook layout background! 

Next up is this fun lemonade stand card: 

Page 74 of the magazine features an ad from Pink & Main. Again, the card in the ad was 100% the inspiration for the basic layout/design of this card, and the color scheme too! Yellow is always a fun choice for a bright and happy card! 

This one is a little less obvious, but maybe you can guess what inspired this one: 

The monochromatic color scheme used by Close To My Heart in their ad on page 59 inspired me to pick one color and stick to it! It also made me want to paint my nails a coordinating color! 

 And finally, the card that started this little journey for me: 

I just loved the layout of the entire ad for Concord & 9th on page 28! From the stripes across the bottom to the four squares—this one was a sketch and grid lover’s dream! 

Next time you’re perusing your magazine looking for inspiration, don’t forget to check out the manufacturer ads. They are FULL of fun ideas that you can translate onto your next project! Happy creating! 

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