When creating a convertible maker space from a guest room, Janome Canada reached out to Kristy at 4theloveofwood to challenge her to come up with a small storage space that could become a big work table for designing, layout, cutting, painting or whatever the maker desired. She delivered big with her conversion of cast off kitchen cupboards that received a custom paint treatment  and gold dipping. The brilliant trick of turning wall art into the table-top made the most of limited space with a beautiful and functional solution!

"The goal for me is to always use second hand items, whether you already have them, buy them in a thrift store, or get them from a friend. I also wanted to create a work space a woman believed she could make herself!" ~ Kristy

Yes, from this…


To this…


Kristy was kind enough to share the full story on her blog in a two part series starting today here!  You may also want to look at her home tour, with a surprise ending!

Be sure to also see the gorgeous Janome Maker Look Book here for additional details on the Makers and the projects they share. From quilts to decor, clothes to papercrafts…including  our very own design team member and Crop & Create instructor Nicole Nowosad! 

Have something that needs upcycling? Maybe today is the day!