My name is Kathy and one of my passions in life is to color and to share my love of coloring. Since 2009, I have offered my  coloring tips and tricks on my blog, the Daily Marker. In 2016, I started “The Daily Marker 30-Day Coloring Challenge” and this June, I celebrated the 10th 30 day challenge. (Throughout those days, I lead a group of mostly women and also a few men, encouraging them to carve out a little “Me” time each day to find the benefits that coloring brings, including improvements to well-being, even the lowering of blood pressure.) During the 30-Day Coloring Challenge, thanks to Instagram, I have found  a wonderful community of people that have become friends.That community has inspired me to take the Challenge on the road. Since 2017, I have been traveling to different venues, sharing my top ten coloring tips and also donating money to local charities in the areas that I visit.  You can find my work at my blog, on Instagram or You Tube. I am excited and honored to take the next Coloring Challenge road trip to the SCT in Toronto!

Kathy Racoosin