It is that time again already! Yeah! Time for Virginia Nebel to share another one of her brilliant tutorials with us.

Here she is:

I had used a ton of price labels recently for a garage sale. Here are a few fun ways to re-purpose the leftovers from the negatives of the price stickers. The negative grid already has adhesive on the back making it really easy to re-use.

1.Use an ink-blending tool and rub ink over the entire negative grid sticker. Trim and adhere to your card for a subtle lattice background.

2. Adhere the negative grid sticker directly to your paper. Run the patterned paper through a heart die-cut machine or use a punch. The grid adds an extra dimension to your punched out shapes.

3. Apply embossing ink over the entire negative grid.

3a. Sprinkle green embossing powder and heat.

3b. Gently peel off the negative grid from its wax backing. You will notice patches of embossed clumps in the corner of the grid pattern. You can leave these in (which I did) or use tweezers to brush away the clumps.

3c. Adhere to a transparency. Trim and use this as a window in a card. In my example, I repeated the steps with grey embossing powder and used adhesive foam dots between the layers of the transparency for a layered effect.

Wow! Another great tutorial Virginia! What a creative and resourceful tip! Thanks for sharing.

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Article by: Virginia Nebel