Summer Fullerton is here with us to take to talk about using all those fun pieces of memorabilia that we collect.

Here is Summer with her great tips on using these pieces on our layouts:

There are many ways to include memorabilia on your layouts. Here are several layouts that show how I have incorporated memorabilia on to my scrapbook pages.

In this layout I used an original classroom assignment by my son directly on my layout. It not only serves as the grounding point for my layout but the journaling as well.

Space Saving Tip: create a pocket for school work and layer photos on top.


This layout features original artwork from my daughter. Her original drawings didn’t fit on my layout so I scanned in her art and re-sized it to fit my project. This technique also works for those who are concerned about using acid free items on their layouts.


Other Ideas for including memorabilia on layouts include, saving tags from newly purchased school clothes, use the program from a play as background paper then layer photos directly on top, create pockets to include ticket stubs from sporting events. I like to keep a folder for my non photo items that I might want to someday include on a layout. The pieces you save can often make a layout even without photos. Let your imagination take the reins and the possibilities can be endless.