Dear Family and Friends,

They say in a time of need we look to our family and friends for support. We look to you now.

As many of you know, members of our immediate family have been affected by the devastating situation in Syria.  Three years ago our cousin Tamar was trying to escape the civil war in Aleppo with her family. Of the 9 bus convoy fleeing Syria, Tamar’s was hit by enemy fire and she died in the arms of her children Nareg and Serena, then 15 and 12 years old. In 2016, the family had a chance to rebuild their lives as they escaped the devastation in Syria and arrived in Armenia as refugees. Unfortunately, the depression and stress of the last three years took a toll on Mosig, Tamar’s husband, and he died suddenly of a heart attack on January 21st. 2017.

The now orphaned Nareg and Serena are staying with their grandmother, Kozette, who arrived in Armenia less than a month ago as a refugee herself, with only a suitcase of her personal belongings. Thankfully, the community in Armenia has been helping out with funeral expenses and providing some level of aid for their immediate future, as they have been living without heat and very little running water and food. We do not expect this aid long-term.

Our hope in reaching out to you is to make a difference in our cousins’ lives. At 18, our biggest priority is for Nareg to continue his education, in university or college. For this reason, we have established a fund in Tamar’s memory to help provide some of life’s necessities, so Nareg is able to attend school. Because the cost of living is far less than here, every donation will go far and together we can give a chance for Nareg and Serena to have a better future than what they have known.

You can donate in two ways:

1. Via Paypal by clicking here

2. By sending an e-transfer to Please make your password “Tamar.”

To those that can help, we thank you. To those who may already be helping fund other Syrian efforts, we understand and thank you for reading.

Let’s keep all the refugees in our hearts and prayers.

Boudakian Family
Tachdjian Family