Happy Monday SCT friends! We are thrilled to welcome Tehri Koskinen to our blog for the first time today to share her Mixed Media talents with us!

“Hello, I’m Terhi Koskinen from Finland. Scrapbooking is more than a hobby for me, it’s a lifestyle – it starts with grabbing a photo and ends when I get my creation where I wanted. And then it starts again. Surrounding myself with pretty things and my dear family is how I want to live my life.

My creations are filled layers, straight lines, and techniques I want to try out. I get my inspiration from pictures I take during the days, in another words from my everyday life: I’m mother for two beautiful daughters, wife for my handsome husband and studious project coordinator in my day time job. In addition to crafting, I horse-ride, so that’s one more topic to my creations.

As I love being surrounded by people. teaching scrapbooking has grown to one of my biggest passions, and I’ve been lucky enough to teach both online and live – just hoping this dream continues in the future too.


Mixed media can be really heavy and tricky playing the main role of your page or other creation, but I wanted to show you the opposite side – it can be small effect around the page and give twist, but not steal all attention.


To make those beautiful patterned even more detailed, I used my favorite texture paste both to the background and on top of patterned papers, using a flourish stencil which now nicely repeats the same kind of patterns all around the page.


To highlight the beautiful paste areas, I drew small lines around each pattern with a thin black marker. It makes the paste pop up and at the same time gives a needed contrast for the page. There is so much black in my photograph, and again so much light pastel colors around the page that something must be done to balance it – this little hand drawing makes the effect perfectly.

The paste spreads the colors on the page well, but I also added some drops of watercolors to make sure there’s a artistic look too. Didn’t paint with watercolors, just added small drops and now the color flow through the page nicely.


So go ahead and try new things, no need to cover the whole page with paint or any other media, small effects makes the difference even better.







Thank you Scrapbook & Cards Today for having me guesting here during your Mixed Media series, it’s been a huge honor!” ~ Tehri

Tehri, we loved having you!!! We sure hope you’ll visit us again. SCT friends be sure to check out Tehri’s beautiful work on Social media:

Blog: http://tellimaria.blogspot.com

Instagram: http://instagram.com/terhi_koskinen

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