Monday with Megan: Trend Friend Cathy Zielske

Monday with Megan: Trend Friend Cathy Zielske

Cathy Zielske, or Ziel, as I’m known to call her, needs no intro. She’s a well known scrapbooker and one of my longtime crafty friends. She and I go back to the Simple Scrapbooks days, many moons ago. (Not trying to make either of us feel old here, Ziel.) 


What may be intro-worthy is the fact that Cathy is now a member of the Scrapbook & Cards Today family, joining us in the Fall 2014 issue with an article you’re going to love. Hooray! 

To get us excited for this fall fun, I thought I’d bring her in as our August Trend Friend. Cathy is a laid back kinda gal, so I’m guessing she’d appreciate my pausing here to suggest you go grab a cuppa (or a glass of wine), sit back in your favorite comfy chair, and enjoy this little trendy chat. 


Megan: Cathy, I know you’re not really up on following the latest trends. Instead, you prefer to create using classic and evergreen design principles, creating projects that always remain uniform but never feel boring or repetitive. Mind sharing a secret to doing this successfully?

Trend Friend: Two words: white cardstock. Okay, maybe I’m joking a little but it’s actually pretty funny how often I go to white card stock to use as the base for so many of my layouts. Actually, I’d like to think that the simplicity of the execution is part of the key to keeping my layouts feeling fresh. One of my number one goals is that I just don’t try too hard to make something seem new and interesting. I stick to formulas that have worked for me in the past and continue to work for me today. Plus, I’m telling stories I love.


"A layout created many years ago."


"A layout created recently. Keeping it clean and simple helps create less of a style divide in your albums as years progress."

Megan: While staying true to your clean and simple style, I know you’re still a very up and coming mama. Any newbies on the crafting scene that have caught your eye recently, whether it be design styles or products?

Trend Friend: In terms of product, Artifact Uprising is hands down the most exciting company I’ve come across in the past few years. Why? It’s their commitment to creating a beautiful product to save your photos. I’ve created a handful of mini books with them, using my own digital templates as my starting point, and I love these little books so, so much. Just simple, timeless design. Makes my heart sing, truly.


Megan: We’re always looking for off-the-beaten-path places for inspiration. Mind sharing a secret or two in your online rotation where you look to be creatively inspired?

Trend Friend: Wow, that’s always a question that stumps me. Mostly because I don’t spend a lot of time perusing the web. That might surprise people, considering I make my living online, but I usually just visit the blogs of friends, people like Ali Edwards or Elise Blaha Cripe are two that I visit regularly for inspiration.



Megan: As you find yourself inspired by trends, how do you capture your ideas for translation into your scrapbooks? For example, do you have a notebook where you keep your trendy tidbits contained to pull from as you’re crafting?

Trend Friend: I don’t. I’m so not a sketch-the-idea person. Sometimes I’ll go to Pinterest (very rarely, mind you, because I feel like it’s such a great place to feel inadequate!) and I’ll type in “cool typography.” I do love browsing how designers create and use typography and I’ll find ideas and directions for my scrapbook pages that I hadn’t thought of before. My process so often starts with coming up with a title for a page and a type treatment that makes me happy, then I build from there. But all of my brainstorming is usually done digitally.


Megan: Mind giving us a peek at project you’re currently working on or have just finished?

Trend Friend: Yes! Months went into preparing my new website, which finally launched in July. I’m so happy to have this new home for my various initiatives, including my classes, downloads, my blog, and more.


Megan: How exciting! Congrats, Cathy. Any other locations our SCT friends can find you?

Trend Friend: I’m social and have a few product offerings to share.




digital products:

the clean & simple book series:

Megan: Anything else? Feel free to share.

Trend Friend: Remember that simplicity is always an appropriate trend.  Also, I have a new class coming this fall and it's called Me: The Abridged Version where you will make an "a to z" encyclopedia scrapbook all about you, or someone you love. The registration opens Sept. 4th and there will be much more  information coming, but this time around there's a twist to the project and here's a hint: Project Life®. That's all I can share for now, but the details will be on my blog the first week of September.


Cathy, I think the world of you and am so excited you’ll be sharing your classic awesomeness with the SCT family. We’re in for a treat this fall. In the meantime, thanks for taking the time to be here today. Your ol’ pal Hep appreciates it! 😉

Questions for Cathy?

Have questions for Cathy or simply want to leave her a little love note? The comments section is where it’s at, and I know she’d love hearing from you.


~ Megan Hoeppner




  1. barbara macaskill August 25, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    I follow Cathy’s blog and love reading her posts!! So glad she is now a member of the SCT family!!! TFS!

  2. Paulette Sarsfield August 25, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    She is a rock star! even though I’m not digitally inclined nor do I do Project life!

  3. SherriS. August 25, 2014 at 9:22 pm

    I love her motto “taking the crap out of scrapbooking!” Now I know she has excellent taste in music too:)

  4. Lauren August 26, 2014 at 12:59 am

    Ah Cathy. Such a beautiful soul.

  5. Stacie D August 27, 2014 at 12:07 am

    Love her motto and her way to capture a story/photo.

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