Monday with Megan: Trend Friend Maggie Holmes

Monday with Megan: Trend Friend Maggie Holmes

Not only do I consider sweet Maggie Holmes an amazing friend, I’ve also been a long-time admirer of her work. She has a natural ability to add just the right amount of embellishments (known as accent clusters) to her scrapbook pages, creating a look that’s very “her” without ever feeling tired.


Besides being a remarkable paper crafter, Maggie is also an extremely talented photographer. She took some of my newborn photos, including this sweet shot, which hangs in my home and makes me so very happy.


Yes, Maggie has many talents. And, in my humble opinion, those talents are naturally driven by her ability to see and translate trends. Her eye has a way of picking up on what’s cool long before we’re inundated with whatever the current look may be, and she also knows how to take the current “it” look and turn it into something approachable and fun to work with. How neat that we get to pick that talented brain of hers today and see some of her secrets to design success.

Welcome, Maggie Holmes!


Megan: Maggie, without fail, you’re ahead of the trend curve when it comes to what’s cool in papercrafting. Do you mind sharing some of your secret sauce? Where do you look for design inspiration?

Trend Friend: I am honestly always absorbing inspiration because I am inspired by so many different things around me. For me the process of finding inspiration is a continual one, and I believe that it all just keeps trickling into my brain to be pulled from whenever I am creating. I find that I don't tend to go looking for it but rather, I see and absorb it each and every day during my normal life routines. I am very drawn to color, and so I notice pretty color combinations in nature, print ads, shop displays etc. I am also very inspired by fashion and home decor, as they are also things that I am passionate about. I especially find myself paying attention to cool textures, color combos, patterns and the like in clothing that I see in catalogs or online.


Image Source

Megan: With your own product line, you now have your own design team. How exciting! What did you look for when selecting your group of designers?

Trend Friend: It was definitely hard selecting my team of designers because there are soooo many talented ladies that inspire me! But, in the end, I had to narrow it down and I feel beyond blessed to have the group of ladies that I chose! I looked for women who inspire me with their creative use of products and also women who I felt would naturally be able to use my products well within the parameters of their unique styles. Each of them brings a different strength to the team, and I am so grateful for the fabulous tutorials and projects they create that I get to showcase on my blog!


Project created by Amanda Rydell, one of Maggie’s talented design team members.

Megan: As you’re developing your lines, how do you turn trends you’re seeing into workable looks that paper crafters can use on their projects? Any design tips in general that can help us make that trend translation as we create?

Trend Friend: This is a great question! It can definitely be a challenge to translate the trends I see in fashion and home decor into things that work for paper crafting. I find that most of the time the things I am inspired by guide my choices but don't directly translate over in the exact form that I first saw them in. For example, I may be inspired by a pillow or fabric but the print is too graphic or fashion oriented for scrapbooking. In those cases, I may simply be guided by the color scheme or the overall mood/feel of the inspiration piece. I then aim to take that inspiration and morph it into something that is cute and usable for crafting.


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Megan: You’re not only a full-time crafter/designer, you’re also the mama of five beautiful children (with number six on the way!). How do you find time to balance crafting with motherhood? And how do your sweet kiddos keep you feeling creative?

Trend Friend: It's definitely a balancing act. I am blessed because my family is super supportive of all that I do when it comes to crafting and designing! I have become quite a fast scrapbooker over the years, so I can usually create a page pretty quickly, which helps a lot! When my babies are little I create/design while they nap. Now that my littlest is older and no longer naps, I often work while she plays in my craft room, right by my side. I have always strived to put my family first, so once in a while I also have to pull a late nighter to get things done after they are all in bed. 


My family and kiddos are definitely my biggest inspiration, as they are the reason I began scrapbooking in the first place! The memories and photographs are the main driving force behind everything I do, because I am constantly wanting to document and record these precious times that are so fleeting!



Megan: Mind giving us a peek at project you’re currently working on or have just finished?

Trend Friend: In addition to scrapbooking and paper crafting, I enjoy other types of crafting, like sewing dresses for my daughters and making jewelry. I guess you could say I have a creative heart, so I can't help dabbling (or diving right in) to other arenas of the crafting world! Recently, I have been in love with making tassels of all sizes! And just this last weekend I helped my daughters make some bracelets with beads and small tassels that we made from embroidery thread! Not only do I love the final result, but the time spent crafting with my girls was priceless!


Megan: What’s next for you, Maggie? A beautiful baby room in the works, perhaps? Or maybe it’s a new line we can look forward to playing with soon? We’d love to hear what you have on the horizon.

Trend Friend: Yes, the arrival of the new baby boy is definitely on my mind and that will be my next big "project"! Since babies 4 and 5 were both girls for us, we haven't been in baby boy mode for quite some time! I've been gathering inspiration and ideas for his nursery and hope to get started on that very soon! I'm loving graphic prints and the black & white combo lately so I expect that his room will be heavily based around those trends. I'd like it to feel sweet and boyish, but classic and hip at the same time! I better get busy!!

I've already wrapped up the design process for my next collection of products and I cannot wait to reveal it at CHA in January! I wish I could share some peeks but you will have to wait! I can say that there are some fun new things you haven't seen from me before that I am super excited about!! 


This image, taken from Apartment Therapy, is one of many beauties Maggie has pinned on her nursery Pinterest board. See the rest here!

Megan: Where can we find more from you?







online photography workshops:

 Maggie, I love that we’ve had this opportunity to reconnect professionally. You’re such a talent and bright spot in this industry of ours. Thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to share with us today. Congratulations on your many successes and, more importantly, that sweet bambino you have on the way!

Questions for Maggie?

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~ Megan Hoeppner



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