Monday with Megan: Trend Friend with Vicki Boutin

Monday with Megan: Trend Friend with Vicki Boutin

Today is going to be a good day. Yes, I realize it’s Monday (eep!), but it’s also a Monday I get to hand part of our blog post over to one happy, talented and energetic individual—Vicki Boutin!

As you know, Vicki writes the trend-based column for the magazine. She’s also involved with several companies and keeps her well-trained eyes on what is hot and happenin’, which makes her a natural choice when it comes to Trend Friend-ing. 😉 I’m so tickled she’s here with us today.

Let’s do it to it!


Megan: Vicki, you write about trends in every issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today. How do you determine what trend you’ll be covering?

Trend Friend:  One thing that helps to determine the trend I focus on is the season or time of the year for the article.  I think that really influences the topic or products I choose.  For example, winter makes me think metallic or glitter like these cards from past winter issues of SCT Magazine. 



Megan: You’ve seen many crafting trends come and go over the years. Mind sharing your personal fav (past or present) and explaining why it stands out to you?

Trend Friend:  To pick one is almost impossible!  There are so many trends I love and use often.  I enjoy paper piecing and playing with shapes.  Mixed Media and anything inky makes my heart sing.  The reason I like crafting trends is because they keep the “creating” fresh!  I don’t necessarily partake in all of them but I do enjoy the new ideas they inspire.



Megan: You have the amazing opportunity of connection with students at live crafting events each year. In your experience, as you’ve shared trends and techniques with others, what has stood out as a crowd pleaser?

Trend Friend:  People just love to learn something new or more specifically they love to be walked through new ideas in a class format.  Does that make sense?  It takes some of the trepidation out of trying something different.  Teaching is one of the most rewarding things I have done.  I get to meet new people who share this crazy passion for crafting and I make it fun!!!  This past summer I taught in Puerto Rico and the ladies went loco over creating their own stamp from craft foam! 




Megan: We’re always looking for off-the-beaten-path places for inspiration. Mind sharing a secret or two in your rotation of places you go to be creatively inspired (online or in your daily life)? Something a little less common or expected, perhaps?

Trend Friend: Wow!  No pressure there, Megan!  LOL!  This will sound kind of boring but the inspiration is everywhere.  Good design is good design.  I look at a lot of advertising art.  I look at fashion trends.  I love Pinterest.  Seriously love Pinterest.  I look at the work of fellow paper crafters.  I LOVE Anthropology and their windows.  I am off to One of a Kind Arts and Craft show this week.  Now there is a TON of inspiration at art/craft shows!!!  Artisans and new ideas!  Love that!  Anything can be re-interpreted into paper art!


Megan: Let’s talk techniques for a moment. You’ve shared so many techniques with fellow crafters over the years. What’s a current fav when it comes to techniques you apply to your projects?

Trend Friend: Anything that adds texture.  LOVE it!!!!  Texture paste, embossing, crackle…I enjoy adding a little pop of texture to my projects.  Love Texture Paste and a stencil…it is “contained mess”.


 Megan: Mind giving us a peek at project you’re currently working on or have just finished?

 Trend Friend:  Actually I just finished a layout for the Simple Stories blog with the “thankful” theme.  One of the first things that came to mind was my mom.  I love that lady like crazy!!!  And I am so thankful I got her for a mom!!!


Megan: Vicki, you’ve always got something fun up that talented sleeve of yours. Any exciting news to share, either as you finish out this year or kick off 2015?

Trend Friend: Well 2015 is going to be a crazy year!  Lots of travel with Crop & Create, The Scrapping Turtle Cruise, a visit to Puerto Rico and The Creative Adventure Downunder in New Zealand.  Add to that a few more teaching stops that I am working on and that will keep me busy!!!  I will also be starting the brand new Everyday Documented monthly kit with The Button Farm in January 2015.  It will be a new take on traditional scrapbooking and mixing that with pocket pages to create projects for a year!  Very excited about that!


Megan: Thanks so much for being here today, Vicki. I absolutely adore your passion and enthusiasm for life and this hobby of ours! Where can we go to get more from you?

Trend Friend:






Megan: Anything else? Feel free to share.

Trend Friend:  Thanks a million Megan, my friend for letting me share my thoughts today.  Love you and love what you do!

Questions for Vicki?

Have questions for Vicki or simply want to leave her a little love note? The comments section is where it’s at, and I know she’d love hearing from you.


~ Megan Hoeppner



  1. Voluptuous Hypothesis December 1, 2014 at 1:29 pm

    Interesting article about trends!

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    Leaving some love for ya Vicki 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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    Vicki is awesome! Great interview!

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    Leaving Vicki some love. Superb tecaher and a definite favorite at Crop and Create events. We are so lucky!

  5. Jean Marmo December 1, 2014 at 8:58 pm

    Love Vicki’s work!

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    What a lovely photo of Vicki – I SMILED all the way through your interview 🙂
    THANK YOU for sharing!!!

  7. Dorina D December 1, 2014 at 11:40 pm

    Great article with some fun ideas and I love Vicki’s enthusiasm for teaching and how excellently she presents the class. Thanks Megan and Vicki for a great article.

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